More cybercrime in gambling

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Peter Brandt 25. September 2020

In a new study, the US technology company Neustar shows that criminal hackers are increasingly targeting online gambling providers. In addition to games of chance on the Internet, above all in online casinos, there is also higher risks for cyber attacks in the area of online gaming without gambling elements and all digital media in principle. Curiously, the reason that hackers with criminal intentions are increasingly targeting online gambling providers of their machinations to be more positive. According to knowledgeable experts, it is precisely the economically prospering development that also caused by Corona pandemic, which leads to the view in the criminal cyber network that attacks on online gambling providers must be particularly lucrative.

Online gambling companies and their customers are becoming increasingly the goal of cyber attacks of unscrupulous hackers. ((©Pixel2013/Pixabay)

Risks for cyber attacks could be even higher

That it is about the Safety of websites, companies, private users, customers and data records Not always well ordered, numerous events have shown in recent years. As a rule, criminal cyber groups or entire networks were more aimed at large corporations, banks or even the servers or databases of political institutions or states. This seems to change gradually.

Because how A current report by the US company Neustar In particular, there are companies from the online gambling, according to this, online casinos or sports betting providers who are still before the gaming area or digital media such as social media platforms targeted by internet criminals for cyber attacks will. The cause of this new development is a very simple reason: money.

In fact, the report reveals an obvious connection between the economic upswing that the digital gaming sector experienced and still experienced in the course of Corona pandemic, and the increase in hacker attacks. Experts therefore also assume that the Risks for online gambling providers increase immediately become victims of a cyber attack.

“The dependency and growth of online communication since Covid-19 have fundamentally changed what companies have to do to be successful. There is no uniform security solution, but a reliable cloud service that guarantees availability and security for all services and users has proven to be a decisive difference between survival and thriving in this quickly changing environment. ”Brian McCann, President of Neustar Security Solutions, Press release from Neustar to rising DDOS

Through Denial-of Service attacks with extortion to money

However, the question remains unanswered how Hacker specifically proceed in the event of a cyber attack on online casinos and Co. Analysts from Neustar have examined the first half of 2020 and recognized that so-called so-called DDOS can be used, to carry out a digital attack on the platforms and servers from gaming companies on the Internet.

What are DDOS? This technical term from information technology is a targeted overload of internet platforms or their servers. A denial of service attack (DDOS) is often used by hackers because this type of digital attack can be implemented relatively quickly and easily. The aim is usually to force the website or platform operator to pay a money, i.e. to blackmail. As a result, the attack would only stop as soon as the blackmailed company has prompted the money. Since the IT security of many online companies, this often also applies to online casinos, is insufficiently prepared for such attacks, affected companies often have no choice than to give in to the blackmailers.

Since DDOS appeared more and more in recent months, precisely because they have often been successful, it can be assumed that there will be further attacks in the near future. Last time became Electronic Arts (EA) victim of such a cyber attack. Since all online games and platforms of the gaming group were not available for EA’s gaming group in the course of the attack, the financial and image damage were huge.

The same could now be a big name from the online gambling sector. That is Digitization is progressing, There are large gaps in particular in IT security. Online casinos are therefore well advised to quickly invest in your security technology.