Monopol: online casino in Thuringia

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Peter Brandt 29. November 2021

Thuringia wants to make online casino games accessible by monopoly and has an eye on the state lottery. The operator “Lotto Thuringia” is supposed to serve as a suitable solution and could soon be expanded by an expansion of his gaming offer. In this regard, the Thuringian state parliament has changed the applicable casino law (ThürSPBKG). This gives the state lottery driver the opportunity to legally offer online casino games in the state.

In the near future, citizens in Thuringia can play with a laptop, smartphone or tablet state online casino games. ((©MIMI FRIEND/UNSPLASH)

Implementation through monopoly

In the search for a suitable embedding of the provisions of the Gaming State Treaty (GlüstV), the government in Thuringia took the next step. The focus is on the online gambling game, which in the near future by a state provider in the state should be made possible. The governing parties – DIE LINKE, SPD and Alliance 90/Die Grünen – have recently agreed on this. The 5th law to change the ThürSpBKG was decided to implement the project.

With its project, the government in Thuringia chose a monopoly and against a concession solution. As the reason, the MPs stated that only in this way one ensure effective youth and player protection to be able to. In addition, ensuring a regulated and transparent game operation by a state monopoly provider is much easier to handle.

Illegal online game. The amended casino law in Thuringia should not only promote the channeling of gambling, but also decisively push back the illegal online game. In this regard, Olaf Müller, MP of Bündnis 90/Greens, indicated that the monopol solution serves the existing demand for online casino games in a controlled and regulated supply.

Lotto Thuringia is a favorite

The Ministry of the Interior and Locales in Thuringia is responsible for the casino in the state and, according to the state parliament, is intended to award the responsible license to an operator. The future license holder must be completely in a state, to guarantee a high level of security when carrying out the legal game, according to the governing parties.

Favorite for the license allocation is according to the current status The Thuringian state lottery. However, a final decision had not yet been made. Accordingly, it is conceivable that another state-owned institution under public law will offer legal online casino games in the future.

New territory. Lotto Thuringia offers a wealth of games of chance in the lottery area. In addition to “6 out of 49”, citizens of the federal state can also take part in the “Eurojackpot”, the “GlücksSorale” and the immediate lottery. The lottery driver has not yet had any points with classic casino games. The way the company wants to build an infrastructure for online casinos will be interesting.

Until then, however, the amended casino law must face the examining eyes of the European Union. the EU Commission Will be the new legislative interpretation in the foreseeable future Measure on the freedom of competition and service, which must be guaranteed in the entire inland space of the state of the states. If the Commission does not recognize any violations, a final vote in the state parliament.

Privatization in NRW

In contrast to Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia has not chosen a monopol solution for the implementation of the Gaming State Treaty. Rather, the state parliament of the most populous federal state had decided to the casinos of the state -run operator “Westpiel” to hand in private hands.

In the end of a tender including the application procedure Gauselmann the contract. For one Purchase price of 141.8 million The gambling group secured the Westpiel Group and on September 1st the owner of the casino locations in Aachen, Bad Oeynhausen, Dortmund-Hohensyburg and Duisburg.

In addition, Gauselmann received new licenses by taking over to Two other casinos in NRW to be able to build. The group has already found a first location for a new casino – Monheim am Rhein. As the Gauselmann group announced in the press letter at that time, it was decided after a comprehensive location and potential analysis for Monheim. Since the municipality can be reached by car from both Cologne and Düsseldorf within 30 minutes, it covers a large metropolitan area. This is essential because as many people as possible are in the catchment area of the casino.

Casino on 43,000 square meters. According to the Gauselmann Group, the casino in Monheim will offer the players a large repertoire of casino games. For example, classic table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack are on board. But numerous slots and slot machines would also be part of the equipment. Overall, the planned casino would offer a play area of 43,000 square meters. The start of the construction has not yet been officially communicated, but the Peil Gauselmann has been starting to start working relatively quickly. An investment framework of around 22.5 million $ is planned.