Microgaming wants to revolutionize table games

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Lennart folder 11. April 2019

Online gambling is booming, especially mobile. But high demand creates a high supply and thus also strong competition on the gaming market. A company in the industry that has been successfully defending itself against adversaries for a long time is Microgaming, which is likely to be known to many people, after all, the game developer is active and successful in international markets. Now the company caused a sensation again in the course of the last trade fair appearances, because Microgaming wants to set new technical standards in table gaming.

It looks like the technologically renewed online roulette for mobile devices and desktop screens.

At the top of the market with new Switch Studios

Where gambling are offered, there may Microgaming of course not missing. but despite all the awareness and success, the company does not rest on its success – on the contrary. because it seems, microgaming is preparing to set new standards in the digital online gambling in terms of technology and mobility. at least this is the impression that you look at the recent trade fair appearances. already at last year Gaming Messe SiGMA (Summit of iGaming Malta) Leave Microgaming deeply and presented his stand visitors some highlights of technical development. Specifically, it is mainly about table gambling such as roulette or blackjack. Microgaming, including its developers, is currently working on new opportunities to bring the popular games of chance to bring mobile devices more clearly.

But of course not enough. The company’s new developer departments recently opened in the English city Ipswich. The so-called Switch Studios should catapult microgaming to the top of the industry-with innovative gaming ideas and creative game concepts. It is not yet clear what this can look like in the end, since the demos are still waiting for themselves on the Internet. Only on the Sigma could visitors already gain insights.

Individual gaming experience for every player

What is certain is that Microgaming will hold what it has announced. The goal is the revolution of the entire industry disruptive technologies. Tom David, head of the Switch Studios, is visibly proud of the developer’s first finished product and announced that more will soon follow.

“We are very proud to present our first official game under the name of the Switch Studios, an exclusive microgaming brand […] We have worked hard to create a game that players will love and we are also looking forward to the sooner Publication of our next game Blackjack. ”

The focus of the developers is clearly on Mobile Gaming bzw. Mobile Gambling. the aim is to create an individual digital gaming experience for each individual player, regardless of the mobile device. that means: the innovative casino games are to be equipped with a kind of artificial intelligence (ai) that analyzes the game behavior and optimizes the gaming experience for the gamer with the help of the data records. this can mean, for example, that the game system makes settings automatically and even before the start of a game round, which is probably the most likely to fit the needs and requirements of the player. in this way, the player can fully concentrate on roulette, blackjack and co.

Microgaming starts with new online blackjack modes

Microgaming recently published the first two test games from the Switch Studios. On the one hand it was about Roulette, on the other hand around American Roulette. the excellent design or game graphics were particularly striking. in order to transport the most realistic image as possible and to ensure as few differences between real play and digital display, microgaming relies on 3d animation during the roulette games. even in terms of sound, ball and kettle were in no way inferior to the real game. in the end, however, it should be more decisive that microgaming has ensured that this has ensured that this flawless on mobile devices as can be played on the desktop screen. the graphic even adapts automatically highly format and landscaped screens. if this is not enough, you may be convinced of the game modes. because the microgaming roulette offers the player a whole range of special bets, including the now very popular Racetrack laws. in the “simple” roulette, microgaming set a payout rate of 97.3 percent, amounts between 0.25 and 125 $ per round can be set, with 64,500 $ being set as a maximum profit. with the new roulette at technically excellent level, microgaming, which has been on the market since 1994 and has even been the first company, is likely to Casino games online on the Internet offered back to the top of the gaming industry. In any case, players should be happy about it, because from then on online gambling is also even more realistic thanks to Microgaming.