New Lara Croft Slot in planning

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Peter Brandt January 15, 2019

As was known from official sources from Microgaming, the Riese software and its partner Square Enix are planning a new slot with the Heldin Action. With the renewal of the long existing partnership of the two companies, the fan base now expects a video slot of superlatives with which the great success in the past not only continues but increased.

Microgaming and Square Enix continue working with the new Tomb Raider Slot.

The contract extension between Microgaming and Square Enix is officially closed. The exclusive agreement is therefore One of the oldest brand relationships in the industrythat was closed more than 15 years ago. She started as a microgaming in 2004 with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ™ den first licensed brand slot of the industry launched the market. After the spectacular success and the popularity of this first collaboration, Microgaming in 2008 developed a sequel to Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword ™. The players were sent to the adventurous search of a legendary sword.

New Lara Croft title will be released this year

In the new slot, players should meet a new challenge where they will find old traces and make new discoveries. The brand slot is developed by the Triple Edge Studios, an independent studio that provides exclusive and high -quality content exclusively for microgaming. The fans of the figure Lara Croft were able to marvel at her heroine last year in the cinema who, after the American actress Angelina Jolie, was embodied by actress Alicia Vikander in the film with the title Tomb Raider.

“We are very happy to be able to announce the renewal of our historical partnership with Square Enix to develop a new online slot game by Lara Croft that honors the enormous popularity of the brand in the gaming industry in film and beyond. In 2019 our 15-year-old anniversary was with the brand and we Planan to celebrate the unprecedented milestone with a wave of large discoveries at an impressive stand on the ICE. ”Andrew Clucas , Chief Operating Officer von Microgaming

Lara Croft is one of the most famous and most popular characters in the world. The first Tomb Raider game was released in October 1996. Since then, the franchise has sold over 67 million units and made Lara Croft the best -selling video heroine. the Icon of pop culture Since then, has developed into a phenomenon in a series of films, goods and through an exclusive development partnership with microgaming in the form of an online slot. The figure Lara Croft was invented by Toby Gard. At that time he was employed by the software manufacturer Core Design in England. He was looking for alternatives to the usual hero figures. Lara Croft was thus conceived as a new female hero type, inside, cool, cool, always with the upper hand about the situation. According to Gard, the figure should not be based on pure sex appeal and reduced to a female appearance. The Egyptensetting selected for the first part and around the archaeological treasure hunt should prove to be formative for the other parts of the adventure series.

“We look forward to further cooperation with Microgaming to develop another successful brand online slot game. After Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was initiated in 2004 the first brand slot partnership and was often continued with Tomb Raider: Secret He Sword ™. We look forward to being able to introduce an action -packed Lara Croft adventure into the Igaming world and are full of anticipation for the big performance at ICE 2019. ”Janet Swallow, Vice President of Licensing at Square Enix West

The game series wrote history

the software developer core design 1995 launched the first part of the tomb raider series for the pc and the generation of consoles around playstation 1 and the sega saturn. the game was sold by the renowned software publisher eidos interactive, who is also responsible for other known play titles such as deathtrap dungeon, the championship manager series, pandemonium up to titles such as deus ex and just cause. in the course of this, the successor title of the series such as tomb raider ii in 1998, expanded new editions of the first part to recent incarnations in the series on the latest console generation, continued the success story and proved to be formative for the entire genre of the action adventure. the fans of the legendary adventure can look forward to a completely new challenge with lara croft. the new title will be the award -winning portfolio from Microgaming added. at ice totally gaming 2019, microgaming intends to reveal the latest lara croft slot and the official title of the game as well as further details.