Michael Owen: Criticism about advertising

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Peter Brandt 22. June 2023

Former professional footballer Michael Owen has attracted publicity due to a tweet. On May 16, the 42-year-old Englishman had a positive comment on the crypto casino “Punt Casino” and called the British advertising supervision ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). The authority classified Owen’s post as illegal gambling advertising and immediately demanded deletion.

The Punt Casino relies on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and thus differs from the licensed competition on the British gaming market. ((©Thought Catalog/Unsplash)

Online casino without British license

Michael Owen was once a celebrated football star in England. Already in the teen age he recorded great success, which earned him the title as a miracle boy. His tricky and agile style of play and his danger of goal made him one of the best strikers and footballers in the world in the second half of the 1990s and early 2000s. Corresponding the 42-year-old enjoys a high reputation in the UK and is a welcome expert and guest on television.

In the recent past, Owen has allowed himself some missteps through public statements. The most recent faux pas goes back to a Twitter post on May 16, which has now been officially sanctioned. In the already deleted tweet, the ex-footballer expresses itself positively about cryptocurrencies and Das Krypto-Casino “Punt Casino”.

Owen said that he believes very firmly in the power of cryptocurrencies. A partnership with an innovative platform like “Punt Casino” So feel absolutely suitable for him.

The ASA rated the statement as an illegal and misleading gambling advertising, since in the British advertising supervision, the British advertising supervision does not clearly communicate that the offer of the crypto casino for players from Great Britain is illegal. According to the British Gambling Act, all gambling operators are obliged to dispose of a national license. Without such a license market participants are considered illegal – So also the “Punt Casino”. The digital gambling platform is based in Curacao.

Owen was recently asked by the ASA to delete his tweet. But not only the advertising supervision blamed the former professional footballer, but also his Fans criticized him for his behavior. In particular, the supporters of the two clubs Manchester United and Liverpool, for which he ran during his active career, went hard with him on the net.

Repetition perpetrator. Michael Owen already got into the “Punt Casino” with the ASA in front of the cause. He recently claimed on Twitter that he had NFTS who had a stable and non -fluctuating initial value. The advertising supervision regarded the tweet as also misleading and demanded deletion.

Punt Casino presents itself in accordance with the law

Michael Owen’s positive statements about the “Punt Casino” and the reaction of the ASA beat due to one Report of the sports sign “The Athletic” public waves. The authors of the article tried to illuminate all relevant pages in order to convey an objective image of the situation to the readers. So the crypto casino was ed And asked for an opinion.

In a reply, the platform operators explained that they take social responsibility very seriously would. The “Punt Casino” would have been a pioneer in the shortest possible time Area of crypto casinos developed. Without respecting the law, such a development is not possible. For this reason, great importance is attached to the rules of the game.

Curacao license. In the further course of the reply, the operators of the crypto casino have a complete license from Curacao. The license obliges you to work under the connected regulations and measures. Accordingly, it is not aimed at offering customers from countries and regions in which the Curacao license is not accepted.

After the complaint against Michael Owen through the ASA and the public, the “Punt Casino” reacted and its own Website blocked by geoblocking for players from Great Britain. As a result, the British residents are no longer able to use the offers and products of the gaming platform.

Legal consequences for Owen?

The ASA has asked Michael Owen to extinguish his tweet over the “Punt Casino”, but legal consequences have not yet been issued. The advertising supervision is not authorized to do so. Nevertheless, according to the report of “The Athletic” there is potentially the possibility that the former professional footballer legally prosecuted by another instance becomes. However, the sports right opened which authority, supervision or the legal body is suitable for this.