MGA: software for betting fraud

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Maximilian Deininger 27. November 2020

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has published software that is able to track down betting fraud. The technical aids are intended to automate the identification of fraudulent betting activities and protect the sports betting market more against illegal machinations. The Maltese gambling authority presented the software on November 23 and is now hoping for a collective advance against betting frauds.

Among other things, the MGA maintains intensive data exchange with regard to sports betting with the cricket association ICC. ((©PDPics/Pixabay)

Providers receive software

The software for Prevention of betting fraud Listen to the name Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism (SBRM) And be already in active use. According to the MGA’s own statement, all of the providers of sports betting based in Malta are said to have been given the technical aids. The authority emphasizes that only operators were equipped with the software with an official lucky license.

Who is that? The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the largest and most prestigious supervisory authorities for any kind of gambling. Since a large part of its area of responsibility is devoted to the security regulation of the market, the MGA is very interested in systematically decimating all illegal activities. The automated software is now the next step to achieve this goal.

To date, however, it is unclear how the individual providers remember to deal with the SBRM. The MGA only indicated that the industry players had time until the beginning of next year (January 1st, 2021) that the software with its entire scope in the to integrate your own digital infrastructure. How this undertaking should look concrete was not explained.

MGA schedule is mandatory

The sports betting providers had when the betting software was introduced No say And are now forced to implement the technical aids into the entrepreneurial processes in a very short period of time. In order to counteract potential complications, the MGA did not completely leave the industry players alone with this task. The supervisory authority is said to have provided the parties with extensive user aid.

That was also in the publication process of the SBRM Maltese Ministry of Sports Integrity involved, which supports the temporal requirements of the MGA. It is said that the provision of the software should make the sports betting provider easier for the transition to the official commitment date. The rest of the week until the turn of the year should serve as a buffer in order to be able to make changes and adjustments.

Protection against betting fraud. The introduction of the “Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism” on the part of the MGA is the next step to protect everyone involved in the industry from betting fraud. Both the providers and the players are also affected by illegal activities and should be better secured by the software in the future. In advance, the gambling supervisory authority has already made agreements with sports associations such as the ICC (Cricket), World Snooker and the Swedish Football Association to ensure intensive data exchange.

Guidelines against betting fraud continue to apply

If the SBRM registers suspicious betting activities, the providers are obliged to forward the corresponding information directly to the MGA. In addition to this obligation to report, you must also submit a report with all information on potential betting frauds in a rhythm of six months. The reports are based on the new regulations, which should contain the betting fraud even more consistently and were decided by the Malta Gaming Authority in October 2020.

Suspicious Betting Report Requirements. The guidelines, which came into force in October, follow a clear raster to prevent betting fraud, which allows the licenses to answer a whole series of question. Among other things: How many striking betting activities have been recorded? Which sports are associated with the abnormalities? How many player accounts were associated with striking betting patterns?

The MGA places a lot of emphasis on the controls Wett activities of active athletes. Through identity controls, the providers are intended to prevent the respective athletes from bet on events, games or tournaments in which they take part.

Ibia demands international cooperation

The presentation of the SBRM also has other supervisory bodies like that International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) called on the plan. The authority for the maintenance of integrity in the betting business supports the introduction of betting fraud software, but demands further measures in the same breath.

The IBIA is the world’s leading control body for integrity in the licensed betting industry. Together with its members, the association pursues the goal of fighting corruption in betting in order to protect the sport and its companies.

For long -term and effective success against illegal machinations in the Betting industry must it still like in the future work closer together with other international supervisory authorities. This is the only way to achieve decisive milestone in this area. At the same time, a collective demeanor promotes awareness and awareness of betting fraud.