Mercury games will probably come back to the online casinos

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Lennart folder March 1, 2019

The Mercury Games of the Gauselmann Group are not only the most popular games in arcades and land-based casinos. They are also or were among the most frequented slots in the online casinos. Last year, the Gauselmann Group announced its game collection to withdraw from the online offer due to licensing problems. The retreat from the online market was of course not so well received by the players. But the long time of uncertainty now seems to have an end. At the Gauselmann Group, new activities in the online sector are heard again, which indicate a return to the online market.

For a long time, the popular Merkur games of the Gauselmann Group could no longer be accessed in the online casinos. That could come to an end. © Gauselmann Group.

Merkur is looking for the way back

It was about a year ago. It was the time when the Gauselmann Group announced that they would set their activities in the sector of the online casinos with immediate effect. In plain language for the players, this meant that the extremely popular Mercury games could no longer be played online. As a reason for the retreat At the time, the difficulties of licensing law were mentioned. The company’s focus should go on the arcades and land -based casinos. However, the constant development and the enormous growth of the online market seem to have at least not passed the company without a trace.

Rumors have long been going to return the Mercury software by the industry. Now they harden. Apparently The group plans to found a new development smithy. According to rumors, this should get the name “Bee Cool Gaming”. The main focus should be on the development of online games.

The development smithy should not only serve to provide the well-known Mercury games for online casinos, but above all New, unique and innovative own slots can be developed. In addition, the Gauselmann Group can test new games online and introduce them if successful accepted by the players, also in the inpatient arcades and land -based casinos.

The Gauselmann Group can also meet such a new trend with the help of “Bee Cool Gaming”: The combination of classic computer games and slots. The new development has recently been made by the provider Betsoft A first hybrid slot entitled “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” carried out for the first time. The game was directly approved. It is not without reason that the Gauselmann Group does not want to sleep over the new trend.

Good to know::

The Gauselmann Group, based in Espelkamp and Lübbecke, is one of the largest corporate groups in the gambling industry. It was founded by Paul Gauselmann in 1957 and employs around 12,500 people. The Gauselmann Group produces slot machines and also develops their software or games. In addition, she operates the well-known Merkur game hall chain, is represented in numerous casinos and also appears in the areas of sports betting and online gaming. She also works as a sponsor in numerous TV shows or at well-known sports clubs.

In addition to a new start -up, also a takeover

The re-establishment of the development smithy “Bee Cool Gaming” is only part of the activities of the Gauselmann Group, which speaks for a return to the online gambling market soon. Furthermore, various sources recently reported that the Gauselmann Group also took over a London company called Project with another subsidiary with the name Blueprint Gaming Limited. This is also active in the field of game development of online slots. These new game developments should also find their way into the arcades and casinos if possible and with corresponding positive reactions. Due to the takeover, 50 existing slots were also taken over to the Gauselmann empire.

In connection with the takeover, Tony Boulton, the managing director of the British developer Project, also commented: “We have a great team that will benefit the size, support and distribution of the Gauselmann Group. Cooperation with the players gives us the opportunity to grow and also make our game portfolio available online. ”So far, no information has been known about the financial details of the takeover.

The procedure of the Gauselmann Group sends various signs to the industry. Apparently it is assumed internally that The development in the online gambling industry has an impact on the legal framework in USA and these are changed decisively. The topic of licenses, security and control in relation to online casinos has had a place on the agenda for a long time. The withdrawal of the Gauselmann Group from the legal confusion therefore no longer seems to stop in the long term.

A statement by Dominic-Daniel Liénard, CEO der Edict Agaming Gambhi, another subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group: “We observe developments in USA very well and expect the federal states take a big step in the right direction by creating a regulatory framework to allow online gambling throughout USA and players secure accompanying circumstances admit.”

Legal development unclear

The statements from the Empire of the Gauselmann Group exude great confidence. Are as an outsider observer The signs of a legal agreement between the federal states still quite low. Rather, before the meeting of the 16 State Minister at a conference in March, the votes 13 to 3 against an agreement and change in the legal situation to a nationwide legalization of the online gambling. So far, Schleswig-Holstein has an exception and has already announced that no agreement should be made that would once again determine a special regulation. Licenses would only be assigned individually for Schleswig-Holstein.

The Gauselmann Group was also the owner of such special licenses in Schleswig-Holstein. A new award to the gaming group should only be a matter of form. In addition to Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse have so far said that they a legalization of the online gambling and a market opening are open. There are therefore at least justified signs for the representatives of the Gauselmann Group that, at least in these federal states, the allocation of special licenses will be possible in the future, as contrary to their own expectations, the nationwide agreement should not come so quickly.

The American market is certainly one of the most important for the Gauselmann Group. Yet International markets also seem to be attractive to gambling giants. For example, online business is to be stimulated in countries such as Romania, Spain, Croatia, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Latin America. Online casinos of the Gauselmann Group are intended to tap the market potential here. In Spain, the American gaming provider already has inpatient casinos. The development remains exciting.