Merkur-Casino in Saxony further records record numbers

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Lennart folder March 15, 2019

Merkur is undoubtedly one of the most famous gambling brands in USA. Even internationally, Merkur is a big name in the industry – and of course there are its reasons, because the success of the company, which is part of the Gauselmann Group, are stacked. The most recent success is to be announced in Saxony-Anhalt. Here the gaming company has been running one of its Merkur casinos for four years-and with considerable success. Because as was recently announced in a press release, the number of visitors could be doubled in this short time.

Gambling on the latest devices is offered in the Mercury Casino in Saxony-Anhalt. Image source: merkur-spielbanken.de

Visitor numbers and length of stay doubled in 4 years

There could certainly be worse times for the Gauselmann Group. If you want to believe at least the press office, there are new positive reports to report about the gaming company almost every day. For example, Merkur recently became the only gaming company elected under USA’s 1,000 best employers. But the run doesn’t seem to end with that.

Of course, the success of the Merkur casino in Saxony-Anhalt also opens up new opportunities

Because not only as an employer, but also as a casino operator, Merkur seems to do a good job. The current numbers from the Merkur-Casino in Saxony-Anhalt can hardly be explained. According to the company, the Visitor numbers and also the length of stay of the casino attendants compared to 2015 made. Mercury has therefore accomplished the east for roulette and Co.

For Mercury, more people and more casino times primarily mean more sales. In his press release, Mercury was guilty of information about the gross sales, but it can confidently assume that the company is just paying off for the company. Paul Gauselmann, founder of the Gauselmann Group, emphasized above all non -profit advantage of the casinos operated by Merkur.

“At the same time, we have contributed significantly to push the illegal game back-a win-win situation for us as an operator and the state of Saxony-Anhalt.”Paul Gauselmann, CEO of the Gauselmann Group

Casino in Saxony-Anhalt 2009 before the end

The fact that at the Leuna-Günthersdorf location at the moment you still have the opportunity to try your luck in a casino was completely foreseeable ten years ago. Then In 2009 the casino was still in public sponsorship, but had to be subsidized with millions of times year after year. The country was therefore forced to sell the casino to a private investor in 2012.

However, this only brought mediocre success. A short time later, the concession was withdrawn by the Ministry of the Interior and an insolvency proceedings were initiated. At that time, the game of chance in Saxony-Anhalt was about to end. Rescue then came after a public tender in 2013, which among other things also Gauselmann Group together with Stadtcasino Baden AG applied. It only took a few weeks before the decision was made and the Gauselmann Group in Saxony-Anhalt was able to call a new Merkur-Casino.

Since then it has been steeply uphill with the casino. However, this is not particularly surprising, after all, the Gauselmann Group operates more than in USA 300 venues under the name Merkur-Casino And can therefore fall back on plenty of expertise. This too may have been a reason why the company expanded its commitment and now operates three casinos in Saxony-Anhalt.

“The Merkur casinos started from zero and set new standards for the entire casino industry with their innovative concept.”David Schnabel, Managing Director of Merkur-Casino Saxony-Anhalt

Merkur sets new standards

Of course, the numbers in the casinos at the Magdeburg and Halle locations also vote. The concept is also not different, because visitors can have in all three casinos sophisticated concept, professional staff and state -of -the -art technology Find that guarantee an overall impressive gaming experience. In addition to the classic offers such as roulette and black jacks and of course Merkur’s in-house slot machines, events are also regularly offered, which in turn attracts new visitors into the house.

The company has always been characterized by experience and foresight and are also noticeable in casino operation, even if the beginning was not easy, as Paul Gauselmann also admits openly. Ultimately, too invested a lot of money in the casinos become, which always exists an economic risk. It seems that this risk is now literally paying off.

”As an operator, we found difficult framework conditions when the Merkur Spielbanken started in 2015. The very good results today with our game make us proud and show that our unique concept and our decades of industry experiences are absolute guarantees. ” Paul Gauselmann, CEO of the Gauselmann Group