Markus Ettlin new strong man at Merkur sports betting

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Maximilian Deininger 26. April 2019

Anyone who only follows the media reporting regarding gambling in USA should only be known that the American gambling company Merkur is currently experiencing an economic high flight. The Gauselmann Group, under which numerous companies that are marketed under the Mercury sun, now wants to expand the economic success and expand the sports betting business, which has been neglected so far. For this purpose, a new managing director has now been ordered into office. Markus Ettlin has headed Merkur Sportwetten GmbH for April 1st.

What only a few know: The betting provider XTIP also belongs to the Gauselmann Group. © Gauselmann Group.

Merkur is preparing for the future on a sports betting market

Sports betting in USA has long since become socially acceptable. This not only proves numbers such as the gross games of the providers who have been rapidly increasing for years, but also simpler facts that can be seen for everyone. Bundesliga clubs and even the American football league (DFL) now cooperate with companies from the sports betting industry. such cooperations are also easier because the markets are gradually liberalized in this country. even American politicians had an understanding, so that at the beginning of the year at a ministerial conference, although only orally, one Legalization of private sports betting was decided. this opens up for companies in the industry, a new market -strong market, both online and inpatient. it should be clear that this development, of course, also did not escape USA’s advance brand from the gaming industry, mercury. this is also why the well -known one intensifies Gauselmann Group the efforts around the sports betting segment have been playing a subordinate role within the gauselmann group some time ago. but this should and will change now. the internationally active family business only recently had the Polish sports betting providers Totolotek The only 2,200 inpatient betting points, primarily in Eastern Europe, had been taken over and was richer. In order to continue this development, Merkur Sportwetten GmbH should therefore receive a new management and strategic orientation. This is also why Markus Ettlin recently installed a new managing director.

“The sports betting division is becoming increasingly important in the Gauselmann Group. With Markus Ettlin, we have managed to oblige a long-standing, leading manager from wholesale and retail, who will make a significant contribution to promoting the business and optimizing the customer experience at the point-of-sale as well as online. In addition, he comes from a family business, which of course favors integration into our corporate culture. ”

Ettlin is looking forward to new exciting tasks

For many connoisseurs in the industry, the realignment of the Merkur Sportwetten GmbH are not particularly surprising, even if the new managing director is still a reasonably blank leaf for many people. ultimately, ettlin does not originally come from the sports betting industry, but worked for a long time with the renowned and successful duty-free company gebr. heinemann, where he worked in management for almost 20 years. the move to the gauselmann group was also more or less silent. already in december last year the 47-year-old graduate businessman Already active for the Gauselmann Group, but has not yet held an official office because he was supposed to familiarize himself with the company and the new business area for the time being. This now seems to be completed.

“I’m looking forward to my new task. To offer our customers a first -class brand experience across all offer platforms has a top priority for me. In addition, the sports competition offers enormous growth potential due to impending liberalizations. ”

New impulses from outside

Why the Gauselmann Group, especially for Markus Ettlin, has been decided as the new spokesman for the management, has not yet been explained in detail. new leadership figure to install. ultimately, it is certainly not to be forgotten that markus ettlin enjoys an excellent reputation and is already known to some well -known people for his competent leadership style in American management. above all, however, the view for creative and innovative ideas should be for Markus Ettlin speaking that even found ways in old role to transfer his former employer into the digital age. this is exactly what merkur sportwetten gmbh should expect, which the network of betting offices have already expanded with the takeover of the polish sports betting provider totolotek, but has not yet been represented on the online market. in the sports betting industry, however, a shift from inpatient business to the digital market has been observed for years. markus ettlin should and will be here The right impulses put.

“In Poland, the sports bet is very popular and is particularly part of a successful match for many football fans. The takeover of Totolotek is an important part of our growth strategy to open up the Polish market and thus win another core market in Europe alongside USA, Austria, Denmark and Belgium. ”