Mallorca: Credit card ban planned

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Peter Brandt 11. October 2021

In the future, tourists and residents in casinos should no longer be allowed to pay with a credit card in Mallorca. The government of the Balearic Islands presented a corresponding draft law. Due to the ban on credit card for all terrestrial gambling activities on the island, politics hopes to contain the gambling addiction and faster rehabilitation of endangered players. The legislative proposal is not yet final, but it may be that vacationers and residents will soon need cash for arcades, casinos and betting shops.

The draft law stipulates that the planned credit card ban for casinos, arcades and betting shops also includes the online gambling. ((©Carl Raw/Unsplash)

Additional gambling addiction to credit card payment?

The planned credit card ban for the gaming sector Mallorca is based on Joana Aina Campomar’s advance. The member of the party’s alliance “Més per Mallorca” is of the opinion that the simple and quick Payment by credit card inspire gambling addiction And many people would go into financial ruin. In addition, this form of the payment method prevents rehabilitation in playing people because credit cards are possible to faster.

According to Campomar, it is clear that striking playing and playful people are exposed to an increased risk of generating their game inserts by credit card. There was one essential lower inhibition threshold by the digital payment method. At the same time, you lose the overview of personal finances much faster. This makes it difficult for playful people to break away from their addiction.

It was now up to the government to help those affected and to give them better chances of rehabilitation by law. According to the MPs, it is necessary to ban payment by credit card for any gambling. In addition to terrestrial offers of the casinos, arcades and betting shops, the Restriction also for gambling on the Internet are valid.

Actually occupied. In her fight against credit card payments in the gambling sector, Joana Aina Campomar relies on the statistical surveys of the “Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego” (DGOJ). In its report from last year on the behavior of the online player community, the Spanish gambling authority showed that around 73 percent of those players use cards in digital gambling to pay game operations. However, the report does not differentiate whether it is credit or debit cards.

VAT on gambling

The ban on credit card payment for gambling activities in Mallorca is only part of the advance against the gaming industry. Campomar wants to go one step further and Plans even greater restrictionsthat should not only strengthen player protection, but also create economic balance. In the future, it was required to raise VAT on all gambling products.

In this regard, the chairman of the “Més Per Mallorca” party had already given a statement in the past. In his opinion, it is like a barbaric act that the VAT applied to all economic products the gambling is freed from this.

According to media reports Spreading the arcades to curb on the Balearic Islands and especially in Mallorca.

Minimum distances. As local media recently reported, the Mallorcan government stipulates in its current plans to rework the topic of minimum distances for the arcades in Palma. Similar to USA and other European countries, arcades and betting agencies to schools will keep a minimum distance of 500 meters. This regulation should also apply to other facilities in which young people or children are regularly.

Implementation for online gambling

The credit card ban for gambling activities should not only the terrestrial gambling, but also also affect the online segment. At least that’s what “Més Per Mallorca” is planning. How the concrete implementation for Digitale Casinos And so far, the party has left gambling platforms on the Internet.

In view of the overwhelming share of the players who fall back on their credit card for payments on the network, implementation of the ban is likely to become a delicate and tough matter. In contrast to the state -based game offer, the actions of the players cannot be traced directly. For this the Internet offers too high anonymization degreethat falls completely eliminated in classic arcades and casinos. In addition, the necessary infrastructure must first be created.

Gambling reform. The Spanish government is also aware of the complex situation of online gambling, which with the help of the regulatory authority last July launched a project that is intended to reform the digital area of the industry. The focus is on a safe and transparent gambling policy. Planned measures are, for example, deposit limits, possibilities of closing self, clarification of risks, mechanisms for recognizing risk behavior and extensive prevention options.