Main Event EPT 2019: Swede Simon Brandstrom secures the victory in Barcelona

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Lennart folder 9. September 2019

The Main Event 2019 of the European Poker Tour (EPT) ended in Barcelona last Sunday. A total of 1,989 players had paid the buy-in of 5,300 $ to take part in the big event. In the end, the Swede Simon Brandstrom was able to prevail on the high -class final table. With the success, the 37-year-old poker player secured prize money of 1,290,166 $ . In addition, he receives one of the most sought-after awards from the international poker scene. Never before had more players participated in an event. This also resulted in the total price pool of 9,641,800 $ . In heads-up, fire current had an exciting duel with his opponent.

This is how really joy looks: Simon Brandstrom after winning the EPT 2019 Main event in Barcelona. ((© image source)

Fast final table: 21 hands up to heads-up

Until the final table of the Main Events der EPT in Barcelona It took some time and, in addition to many exciting hands, also cost some nerves. At first, however, the final table was surprisingly quick. Overall it needed it Only 21 hands, until the duel in the heads-up between the Hungarian Marton Czuczor and Simon Brandstrom was determined.

Previously, the Hungarian had eliminated three players with Yunye Lu from China, Giovanni Torre from Portugal and Diego Falcone from Brazil – just in half an hour of play. But it didn’t take long for third place to fix. Simon Brandstrom prevailed in an exciting hand against the Portuguese Rui Sousas. Whose Prize money of 607,400 $ But it should be overturning over his departure.

Who is Simon Brandstrom? So far, the Swede Simon Brandstrom has certainly only been a real term for a few poker sage. The 37-year-old was able to record a total prize money of more than $ 800,000, but by 2016 he was still doing this under his birth name Peon. He achieved his prize money mainly through a second place at the Master Classics of Poker in 2013 in Amsterdam (prize money 182,913 $ ), another second place at the 1,500 $ NL Hold’em Deepstack tournament of the World Poker Tour this year also in Barcelona (also in Barcelona Prize money 187,880 $ ) and a third place at EPT Eureka in 2015 in Prague (prize money 120,090 $ ). With his greatest success of his poker career, the victory at the Main Event of the EPT, Simon Brandstrom should now be known to a much larger audience. In addition, he was able to double his career prize money in one fell swoop.

An exciting duel in heads-up for victory

The heads-up could not hold the pace of the previous hands and lasted for a total of three hours. The event on various platforms in the live stream including American comment could be followed on the Internet. Simon Brandstrom had to fight through the first two hours of the duel because he had significantly fewer chips. however, he managed to get his opponent closer to his opponent by winning many smaller hands. one of the most crucial hands of the tournament followed. the hungarian czuczor increased in front of the flop with pik 6 and pik 3, fire current called king and heart 3. the flop gave a full house with k 3 3 fire stream, but czuczor also hit the triplet. the gym with the karo 6 was extremely bitter for czuczor. although he had now met his full house, but the worse and it was almost impossible to free yourself from this constellation. the heart 10 on the river did not change anything. czuczor alluded, fire current went all-in and the immediate call came from the hungarian. he lost a large part of his chips in this hand to the swedes. the last hand followed a short time later. czuczor held pik könig and kreuz lady, fire current had already had a couple with heart 6 and cross 6. this was followed by an all-in by czuczor and a call from sweden. the board brought the hungarian no help with 7, 2, 9, ass and 5. The tournament victory belonged to the Sweden. Fire current could hardly believe his luck, after all, he had almost left during the tournament a few times. He then said to his repeated comeback:

“I probably didn’t play my A-game, but the cards came as I needed them.”

Sweden was able to get through Simon Brandstrom Secure a trophy of the European Poker Tour for the 11th time. Hungary, on the other hand, narrowly failed and continues to wait for the first title. However, the prize money of 1,253,234 $ in the second -placed Czuczor should quickly forget the grief of defeat. The winner Simon Brandstrom, on the other hand, should initially be busy with the media hype about his person. However, it is very likely that the Swede will also take part in the next big event. After all, titles always make you want more.