Macau: Loosening of the travel restrictions and corona tests

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Peter Brandt July 22, 2020

The casinos in the Chinese game slave Macau are now demanding a negative covid-19 test from the game guests. The staff is also tested. With this prerequisite for employees as well as guests and other numerous hygiene and security measures, the upcoming rush of visitors should be reacted to. This is expected due to the loosening of the travel restrictions by the Chinese authorities. The return to the “normal” company despite continuing corona pandemic also ensured that various share prices from local casino operators have had significant growth.

Due to loosening travel restrictions and under strict hygiene measures, the casinos in Macau can receive guests again. ((©AndyLeungHK/Pixabay)

Negative Covid-19 test as a prerequisite for admission

Corona pandemic still keeps the world in its strangle. The center of the epidemic has clearly shifted to North and South America in recent months, which is why the return to the “normal” life is gradually being sought in Europe, Asia and Australia. Above all, this also has economic backgrounds. The gaming industry in particular had to struggle massively due to the almost global lockdown, Numerous casinos even face bankruptcy. For this reason, hygiene and security concepts are developed worldwide, under which game operations can be resumed somewhat normally.

Further measures are now also taken in the Chinese gambling metropolis of Macau. New test regulations were imposed by the government for the special administrative zone. These say that from now on every game guest in the casinos before entering a maximum of seven days old, show negative covid-19 test got to. At the same time, an anti-corona app that is mandatory in China must be proven that you are in a good health in health. This is with a Color code confirmed that must have the color green.

Quick and easy test procedures in large numbers. In an official statement, such as the health authority in Macau, that the capacity for Corona tests is around 16,000 per day. The enormous number can be carried out thanks to a new test procedure. The new procedures also have the results of whether there is a Corona disease or not, after a few minutes. As a result, potential guests of the casinos do not have to wait long at the entrances and can enter the casinos under the highest security standards.

Employees of the casinos also have to present a negative test, but this should only be carried out once and not every seven days. The casino operators also received this requirement from the responsible control authority of Macau, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ). The regulation applies to all employees, regardless of whether they work separately from the guest in the kitchen, or whether they work as a dealer at the tables. In addition to the COVID-19 test, all employees, but also every guest who wants to enter the casino tested a measuring device for an increased body temperature will. Further measures include the permanent wearing of a nasal mouth protection mask and compliance with the legally specified minimum distance.

Loosener travel restrictions trigger stock levels

By loosening the travel restrictions for travelers to Macau and for returnees from the gaming metropolis by the Chinese authorities, the casino operators from the special administrative zone look a chance of visitor tower. Since July 15, for example, the quarantine and security measures for returnees from Macau for the province of Guangdong have been almost lifted. It is estimated that this region alone comes Around 40 percent of the total Macau visitor. The loosening is of enormous importance for Macau, since the sales in a row from Corona pandemic have broken down by about 90 percent and many companies have suffered economically massive damage.

The proclamation of the loosening has also led to significant stock prices of various gaming companies on the stock exchange, which are represented by casinos in Macau. So the share of the Galaxy Entertainment Group and the Sands China Ltd. each recorded profits of over four percent. The share of the gambling group Wynn was even able to significantly surpass this high and rose by a whopping 16 percent. As a result, the best stock exchange result has been marked since 2011. Also the gaming company SJM Holdings Ltd. and Melco International Development Ltd. benefited from the announcement of the relaxation of the travel restrictions. Your securities rose by around six percent. If you believe the forecasts of the investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co., the trend on the stock exchange will continue in the coming months.