Macau enables the first course in gambling management

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Maximilian Deininger 17. April 2019

As is known, Macau is considered the gambling stronghold of the East, so to speak, the Asian counterpart to the US Las Vegas in the west on the globe. The gaming industry is the most important because the most important industry for the special administrative zone of China. In order for this to stay that way, the territory, formerly belonging to Portugal, now forms tomorrow’s own executives. Gambling management can now be studied for the first time at the Macao Polytechnic Institute.

A successful degree can literally pay off in Macau.

Macau more than a second Las Vegas

Dazing lights, bright colors and bright advertisements – that’s how Las Vegas is known. Few people who have not already been there themselves should be known that it is at least as illustrated in Macau as in the Nevada desert. The fact is that Macau not only visually with the Gambling paradise in the USA can keep up, but also economically. if one only looks at the entrepreneurial key figures, it can even be said that macau has long since ranked the former model of the west. pilgrimage every year 30 million people to macau to look for luck in one of the numerous casinos. of course, the gambling paradise near hong kong roulette, blackjack, slot games and much more are also offered. macau does not have to shy away from a comparison in terms of sales. 30 billion $ the numerous casinos are implementing year after year, and the trend is rising significantly. the special administrative zone las vegas, which has been struggling with declining figures for years, both visitors and gross player yields for years. it only seems logical that the macaus government has the highest interest in promoting the economically important industry how and wherever possible. most people living in macau are already employed in the gambling industry. there, however, not only service staff, dealers and bartenders are needed, but also managers who ensure smooth processes in the casinos. that’s why the first Study course in gambling management offered.

“The aim of this course is to impart knowledge, expertise and management skills within the modern play and entertainment industry. Students should become experts with far -reaching knowledge, professional skills and an international worldview. The course covers all the requirements of Macaus play and entertainment industry and trains students for full-time employment in the gambling industry. ”

36 Credit Points to the Master

If you are interested in the Gambling Management course, you will be at the Macao Polytechnic Institute have to apply where thatMaster’s degree is currently being offered. the idea of offering the first course for gambling management did not come from the training institute itself, but from the government, which strives to secure the future of the flourishing gambling industry now and to train the specialist personnel required in the future. in order to successfully complete the course, students must already be able to show a finished bachelor’s degree. overall, the master’s degree is to exist 36 Credit Points necessary, which does not differ from the international standards. after the standard period of study of two years, the graduates, if possible, should find an attitude directly in one of the casinos in macau. during the gambling management course, the students are taught in central content that are required in order to be able to work in casinos as a manager. the standard modules include, for example Marketing, quality assurance or management strategies. here the students are prepared for basic management activities. the studies are then specified by partly freely selectable Courses such as gambling legislation. overall, the students should be holistically prepared for an activity in the gambling industry. that is why social, ethical, cultural and economic content are also taught. the studies can also be viewed as an expansion course and should be particularly Bachelorabsolventen des Studiengangs Business Administration in Gaming and Recreation Management (Business administration for the game and leisure industry), which is also offered at the Institute in Macau.

Macaul lives from Chinese tourism

Unlike in Las Vegas, where not only Americans, but people from all over the world provide a lucrative business, Macau focuses primarily on China. for many chinese with plenty of capital in the bank account, macau is a popular travel establishment. not far away and lots of opportunities to spend – or to increase unnecessary change with lots of fun in casinos. macau lives above all from the chinese high rollers, who are also responsible for the fact that the comparatively small piece of land on earth is very good. macau counts nothing happens To the four countries with the highest GDP per capita. gambling has the most part, ultimately 88 percent of the total sales come from the gaming industry. what the future will bring for macau can be predicted poorly despite the flourishing business. however, it is clear that the government will do everything so that macau continues to do so horrendous income Generated like current. The first step is already taken with the first master’s degree in gambling management.