Lower Saxony adopted new gambling law

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Peter Brandt 20. May 2020

In the state of Lower Saxony, the country’s gambling law was amended. Surprisingly, there are loosening – especially for inpatient arcades. Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic, it seems that politics also pays attention to other topics. The arcade operator from Lower Saxony should be pleased, because the old legal regulations for minimum distances between arcades or slot machines in particular were the controversy in numerous legal conflicts of the recent past. Here, despite other concerns in the Corona crisis, politics has now set-and found meaningful new regulations.

In Lower Saxony, a amended law decides on what is allowed in terms of gambling and arcades. ((©Ramdlon/Pixabay)

Many individual state laws on the subject of inpatient gambling

It gradually became a farce, which in USA in recent years in terms of one New regulation of gambling was observed. The online gambling in particular had a difficult stand in this country-at least from a legal perspective. In the meantime, however, the situation has finally changed, and for the better. Because all American federal states were recently able to New control of the online gambling all over USA agree.

However, this does not mean that all regulations that affect gambling in general are from now on at the federal level. As in the past and also currently, some legal decision -making skills are also made even after the modified entry into force of the modified Gambling State Treaty (GlüStV) are still in the competence area of the American federal states.

This includes, among other things, or above all The stationary gambling in arcades. Although the countries must basically adhere to the requirements, within the specified framework is the detailed legal design of many legal regulations but the responsibility of the respective federal state.

This right was once again perceived in Lower Saxony, where not only decisions to contain pandemic were made in the past state session, but also New guidelines for dealing with inpatient gambling halls.

Lower Saxony’s gambling law has long been outdated

In Lower Saxony, politics had one Comparatively strict regulator Installed as far as arcade and slot machines are concerned. Since December 2014 it saw Lower Saxony Gambling Act (NGLÜSPG) that a minimum distance of 100 meters should be observed between arcades – exceptions were only in individual cases.

In practice, however, not only the infrastructural conditions were a problem, but also the decision -making process. Because whoever had to assert and stay in the end or who had to change their location was decided by lottery.

Lot procedures led to the legal disputes. “Lower Saxony is one of the few federal states that his state law for gambling regulation for gambling did not adapt to current developments for a long time and was strongly based on the regulations of the State Gambling Change Contract (GlüandstV). Thanks to the now initiated amendment to the law, an outdated gambling law is finally adapted to the current situation. This will be particularly pleased. ”

Lower Saxony creates more flexible regulations for gambling offers

With the new law, the losing procedure mentioned is finally abolished in disputes. From then on it should Give transparent, understandable and more than one criterion, so that legal disputes like in the past only occur to a limited extent.

In addition, that will also Spacer bid of at least 100 meters loosened. In the future, individual distance agreements are also to be found, which are based on the real conditions. Furthermore, it is ensured that schools, educational institutions and similar social complexes in which minors are in particular can show enough distance from arcades.

However, the introduction of a State -wide blocking file for players, who have shown problematic or even pathological play behavior. In this database, all player names are to be listed that either caused a voluntary self -conclusion or have been blocked by authorities, for example in the event of strong over -indebtedness due to gambling addiction.

“A nationwide and variety of overarching blocking system would make a significant contribution to effective player protection. Since arcades are not yet included in the nationwide blocking system according to the State Treaty, we want to set a significant signal with such a requirement in state law. ”

In order to be able to ensure in reality that in arcades and other companies in which slot machines are accessible, problem players are not granted access, restaurants, arcades and the like are to be obliged to do everyone Check the player individually and to compensate for their data with entries in the lock file.