Lotto BW plans online casino games

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Peter Brandt January 7, 2023

Lotto BW wants to expand its portfolio in the future and is planning new casino games for your own online segment. This emerges from a report by the “Badische Zeitung”. The state gambling group is interested in offering blackjack, baccarat and roulette in the in-house online casino. Virtual slot machines are also being planned for the offer.

The new state of gambling allows the state law to be awarded by state law for the online gambling. ((© Aymanejed /Pixabay.com)

Bureaucratic steps initiated

Blackjack and roulette are very popular in the gambling cosmos. The same applies to Baccarat. All three games have a certain attraction, from the Lotto BW would like to benefit from the expansion in the online segment. As the “Badish newspaper” reported, the first bureaucratic steps for the installation of the digital casino games have already been initiated. the adaptation-also called the amendment-is currently on the agenda of the state gambling act. so far, the state gambling group has made the greatest progress in the area of virtual slot machines. it was already a Request application submitted according to georg wacker, managing director of lotto bw. according to analysts and industry observers, all bureaucratic hurdles are to classify as a waste, which will not put any stones in the way of the planned expansion of the game offer. A spokesman for the State Ministry had recently confirmed that Lotto BW had wanted to offer the new casino games in the online segment for a long time and that the bureaucratic preparations would have started accordingly in December 2021.

Timely expansion Wacker assumes that the end of the game in Baden-Württemberg can access the new casino games in spring. Until then, however, the final state legislation still has to be waited for.

Realignment through Gaming State Treaty

The new State Treaty (GlüstV) has been final since July 2021 and has finally legalized the online gambling game in USA after a long phase of lack of transparency and confusion. All 16 federal states had previously new legal framework ratified And implemented in the respective state law-including Baden-Württemberg.

Patchwork the first variant of the gaming state treaty came into force in 2012 and heralded a never -ending regulatory debacle of the American gaming market. at first it was only allowed to offer gambling gambling. both casinos and betting shops were prohibited in private hands. after the european union intervened and gambling regulation in USA classified as illegal, numerous changes in legislation followed. in the meantime, schleswig-holstein even ventured alone and legalized the online gambling. the northernmost federal state inherently awarded licenses to private gambling providers. as a result, several laws of law collided with each other: state, federal and eu law. ultimately, the new glüstv dissolved this patchwork.

Both state and private gambling providers can acquire official licenses for their online appearance through modern legislation. Digital slots and digital poker are not up to the upper limit. As many concessions can be awarded accordingly. The situation is different with classic table games such as blackjack and roulette. Here that applies State law. Concessions for online gambling are based on the terrestrial counterpart. That means: the number of licenses for national and virtual casino games must be exactly the sameas a state gambling company, lotto bw has corresponding concessions for roulette, blackjack and baccarat on a terrestrial level. for this reason the as a state gambling company, lotto bw has corresponding concessions for roulette, blackjack and baccarat on a terrestrial levelas a state gambling company, lotto bw has corresponding concessions for roulette, blackjack and baccarat on a terrestrial level. for this reason the for this reason the Amendment of the Baden-Württemberg state law Basically nothing in the way.

Braise in gaming industry

Since the liberalization of the local gaming market, private providers in particular have dominated the action. Lotto BW wanted to counteract this dominance and mix up the maps in the industry. According to Wacker, you plan who should bring more attractiveness and also attract younger audiences. the managing director of lotto bw assured that the implementation of the new casino games Maximum transparency is subject to will. In particular, player protection enjoys the highest priority. The applicable regulations regarding game and operational limits would be observed as well as the identity and credit check of the players. In addition, all customers would be informed about the probabilities of winning and about playing.

Fight against black market With all its efforts, the state gambling group wanted to take up the fight against the black market. To contain it or even to paralyze it is an important task to fulfill the sewage order and protect the player community. In this regard, the nationwide gambling authority also took on a responsible basis, which is intended to serve as a control and regulatory distance in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt).

According to Wacker, the engagement in the online segment will pay off with absolute security. The attractive range of games around the classic table games and virtual slot machines will expand the customer base and attract younger audience. Nevertheless, the virtual gambling should only be one Niche existence in the group. Lotto BW intends to continue to focus on the core business with lottery products.