Loss: Online gambling in Spain

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Peter Brandt 11. April 2023

The online gambling in Spain was able to achieve fewer income in the past 2021. This emerges from the recently published finance report by the Spanish gambling authority “Dirección General de Ordenación del juego” (DGOJ). The generated capital in the online segment of the local gaming market has declined in almost all categories. Overall, there would have been a decline in sales of more than 4.0 percent.

According to the DGOJ, the online casinos in Spain would have generated almost half of the total turnover last year. ((© Ben Lambert / Data)

Income of more than 800 million $

die DGOJ shows in her financial report last year the sales figures of the four different sections of the online gambling, which are Make together from sports betting, poker, bingo and casinos. Together, the respective areas could have generated a sum of 815.30 million $ . Despite the relatively high sum, however, the result is sobering and linked to that Crisis year 2020 on. A stagnating development on the Spanish online gambling market can still be observed.

The structured division of the annual report 2021 shows that the online casinos in Spain were responsible for a large part of the income. The licensed gaming operators on the net would have generated a total of 407.14 million $ . With a share of 49.94 percent, this sum corresponds Almost half of the total income achieved.

Around 305.88 million $ (37.52 percent) go to the account of the digital sports betting account in southern European country. On the other hand, online poker would have contributed relatively little to capital at 85.42 million $ . However, the weakest section was bingo. The classic gambling is actually very popular in SpainSo it is surprising that the local player community only spent 14.57 million $ on online bingo.

Bingo in Spain. Even if it is not entirely clear where Bingo actually comes from, experts agree on the approximate region of origin. So the classic gambling is said to have its roots in southern Europe. Accordingly, it is not surprising that Bingo is very popular in Spain – both analog and digital. In addition to the more than 300 bingo halls in the country, the classic gaming can also be played across the board across the board. The game is particularly in demand in the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.

Online casinos with increasing income

In almost all areas that Online gambling game In 2021 a declining development. The income had dropped considerably compared to 2020. The digital bookmakers in Spain should have accepted a drop in sales of 16.23 percent. The relative losses in the online poker are even higher. The sunken income would amount to 22.56 percent compared to the previous year.

In its financial report, the DGOJ tries to research causes and leads to the declining development of the online gambling market, whereby it According to a study by the opinion research institute YouGov, many reasons for this are. The main cause is the advertising and marketing restrictions For all gambling operators in the country. The restrictive measures in this area came into force in the past year after a step-like installation and in particular the online sports betting would be flagellated economically.

In the midst of the stagnating sales figures, however, there is an area in the Spanish gaming industry that emerged as a glimmer of hope last year. So the online casinos would have defied the negative trend and their income compared to the previous year increase by 16.07 percent be able.

Less growth. Despite the increased income of online casinos, according to DGOJ, a negative development can also be seen in this area. Since growth has slowed down, the general growth ratio must be assessed rather critically. The increase in sales in 2020 was still 28.37 percent compared to 2019.

Change of the legal situation

As in many European countries, Spain has also adapted its gambling legislation in recent years. However, the measures of the legal adjustments are still did not come into force immediately and are only gradually installed. As a regularity, the circumstances and the rules of gaming operators in Spain change.

According to the DGOJ, the changes to the legal framework are the main reason for the weak financial year 2021 of the local industry. The restrictions on the advertising and marketing activities have automatically led to the operators draw less attention could. This can also be clearly seen in the area.

The industry players on the Internet would have spent around 460.04 million $ for advertising purposes. This corresponds to a decline of 0.92 percent compared to the previous year. It was much more drasty in the area of sponsorship. Here the online gambling operators around 29.31 percent less invested.

Sponsoring by gambling providers. In recent years, the Spanish government has turned many adjustment screws to put the gambling in the country out of public spotlights. A particularly drastic measure was the limitation of sponsorship activities in professional sports, which particularly affects the bookmakers in the country.