Las Vegas Sands receives award

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Peter Brandt December 29, 2021

Las Vegas Sands (LVS) was recognized as one of the most responsible US companies. In the annual ranking of “Newsweek”, the gambling group made it under the top 500 seats. The US news magazine creates a list of the most responsible corporations for each year based on various metrics (ESG) that relate to the areas of environment, social affairs and corporate management.

According to the evaluated metrics, Las Vegas Sands has improved a lot, especially in the area of environmental protection – from 93.5 to 100 points. ((©️Matthias Heyde/Unsplash)

Sands with a strong ESG point number

The annual ranking of Newsweek evaluates US companies in the three ESG areas, each assigned a score. Where 100 represents the maximum. Las Vegas Sands have with one Total score of 79.2 points cut off well. The gaming group for the environment has reached 93.5, 72.3 for social issues and for corporate management. The renowned gaming company landed in 136th place among the 500 best US corporations.

Ranking. NewWEEK evaluates the 2,000 largest US companies every year-measured by sales. In addition to the ESG indicators, the news magazine also orders a survey with more than 11,000 respondents to create the ranking.

Sands takes one among all representatives of the gaming industry Absolute top position in the ranking a. With MGM and Caesars, two other casino operators were in the raffle, which, however, did not run within the first 500 seats with their scores.

Las Vegas Sands did not only do very well within the gambling industry. The group based in Nevada was also ahead in a direct duel with companies from the US states. Overall, be Five other companies from Nevada was rated by Newsweek.

Sands is lying according to Newsweek on the second place In the “Hotels, Restaurant and Leisure” category. The gaming group ranks in front of many known companies – including Walt Disney and the market leading streaming service Netflix.

High points for the environment

Sands was able to achieve a particularly high number of points in the environmental trub. Of maximum 100, Newsweek awarded 93.5 points. This high rating is by no means surprising for the gaming group itself. Compared to industry media, a spokesman for the company recorded that sands leading role in terms of environmental awareness take in in industry.

In recent years, several measures have been installed and steps have been initiated to Reduce emissions and waste quantities. At the same time, the water consumption within the company has decreased considerably thanks to new mechanisms. In addition, the own integrated resorts were built on an environmentally friendly construction.

Fight against climate change. As the company recently emphasized several times in the recent past, one wants to make a decisive contribution to the fight against climate change. All installed measures were used to protect the environment and to contain the heating of the climate.

Umbruch Bei The Vegas Sands

In the past few years it just didn’t want to be quiet to Las Vegas Sands. The group made both positive and negative headlines. For example, a change was heralded that provides for a new business orientation. Facilities were submitted, real estate sold and locations abandoned. By 2019, Sands separated from the integrated Resort Venetian and Palazzo, from the Sands Expo, from the Convention Center and from the Pennsylvania location.

In January 11, 2021, Sands had to Death of the long -time Chairman and CEO Cope with Sheldon Adelson. The gambling mogul succumbed to its non-Hodgkin lymphomas and died at the age of 87. Almost two weeks earlier, he is said to have had takeover talks with James Packer. The majority owner of Crown Resorts is currently looking for a buyer for the group. According to Australian media reports, Adelson Sands had put into position for any takeover.

Loss through Corona. Sands is currently very dependent on the Asian gaming market. The group runs five integrated resorts in Macau and Singapore, which attract enormous masses of visitors. However, due to the renewed raise of the Corona crisis, the full burglary of the financial basis threatens. The omikron variant has already moved many countries on the Asian continent to introduce restrictions and travel restrictions. For Sands, this could mean that the crowd of visitors goes back.

During his lifetime, Adelson was a big one Opponents of the online gambling game. Nevertheless, as a sands CEO, he always aligned his group conservatively and invested exclusively in the terrestrial gambling. This handling often caused internal friction. However, Adelson remained stubborn until his death and insisted on his decision. After his death, however, the new corporate management left the “old” path and set up plans in that Online-Segment to invest. The Big Player in the industry primarily wants to invest in digital gaming technology solutions.