Las Vegas: Another mask requirement

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Peter Brandt 7. August 2021

In Las Vegas, a mouth-nose protection must now be worn again in all interiors. Steve Sisolak, governor of the US state of Nevada, has signed a corresponding mandate that also affects the casino landscape in the gaming metropolis. According to US media reports, politics is based on the recommendation of the disease protection authority. The responsible “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) has recommended wearing a mask for several days due to the increasing Corona infections.

From now on, both visitors and the workforce in the Las Vegas casinos have to wear mouth-nose protection again. ((© kvnga /unsplash.com)

Mask obligation within casinos

The mask requirement applies to buildings and interiors according to the current status. The government of Nevada and the CDC promise themselves through a new mask obligation Insulation of the circulating Delta variant of the Coronavirus. The disease protection authority welcomes politics, since twelve of the 17 counties in Nevada are now classified as a risk area – including Clark County, the Las Vegas district.

Steve Sisolak emphasized to the press that the Mask obligation applies to everyone. Accordingly, fully vaccinated people are obliged to carry ornate and nose protection indoors. The many casinos, gambling and cultural institutions of the city are also affected by the new Corona restrictions. These have only been able to do theirs again for a few weeks, without any restrictions Daily business to pursue.

Danger from the delta variant

In the past few weeks the number of Corona cases rose sharply in the United States. The development attributes the development to the virologists, experts and also the CDC to the highly contagious delta variant, which represents a new threat all over the world. According to official information, around 49.94 percent of counties in Nevada would be classified as an area with high transmission risk. Another 16.68 percent would even be considered a high -risk region.

Higher health risk The delta variant of the coronavirus is considered more contagious and dangerous compared to the wild type. The World Health Organization (WHO) expects Delta to become the world’s dominating variant. So far, it has been detected in more than 120 countries.

Currently the US state according to their own statements More than 800 new infection cases every day – Calculated over 14 days. In Clark County there is currently a test positive rate of 15.3 percent. The Nevada government has left no other way to take another opportunity to take another security precautions for the US state. The comeback of mask obligation was also announced in other places in the United States-including in Los Angeles and in the Disney parks.

Casinos with positive feedback

The renewed mask obligation in Nevada has caused a lot of discussion in the Bundestaat. Especially at the political level, not all politicians are satisfied with the governor’s decision. In contrast, according to a report of the “Las Vegas Review journal”, the gambling sector concerned in Vegas shows Understanding of the mandate pronouncement.

Lori Nelson-Kraft, spokeswoman for the “Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority”, explains that the majority of casino operators and gambling players fully support the state of Nevada to implement the recommendations of the CDC. This is the only way it is possible to To minimize the spread of the virus And to protect both the local community and the numerous visitors. At the same time, the industry continues to support vaccinations, since they are still the most effective means of combating the virus.

Vaccine Even though the initial vaccine in the United States is experienced, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKO) and the Research Institute “Our World in Data”, around 164.8 million people are fully vaccinated. This corresponds to around 49.3 percent for a total population of 328.2 million. More than 191 million Americans have also been vaccinated once.

Leave-Vú Für Casinos

Although the gaming industry in Nevada and Las Vegas expressed their understanding and support for mask obligation, the interference with regular operation like a deja-Vú should act on the local casino landscape. During the high phase of pandemic last year, the respective establishments and facilities of the gambling metropolis had to Keep their gates closed for over six months.

Pandemic 2.0? In contrast to a total shutdown, a mask requirement seems rather harmless, but the Corona crisis was also shaped by smaller restrictions at the beginning before the virus paralyzed the entire world. However, both the government of Nevada and the CDC would not assume that the pandemic would be similar to that in 2020. Too many people have already been vaccinated against the virus and the infrastructure was also much better prepared for an emergency situation.