Las Vegas: New resort planned

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Peter Brandt January 11, 2021

In the Las Vegas gaming metropolis, construction for a new luxury resort should begin this year. Despite the continued Corona pandemic and the associated decline in tourism, the “Majestic Las Vegas” is to be built on the North Strip from July. As the client Lorenzo Doumani announced, the luxury hotel will house around 720 rooms and devour total costs of $ 850 million. The completion of the ambitious project is planned for 2024.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the metropolis has to deal with major problems that the client Lorenzo Doumani wants to tackle with his luxury resort from an entrepreneurial point of view. ((©lindsayascott/Pixabay)

Not a gambling – luxury is in the foreground

No place in the world symbolizes gambling as much as Las Vegas. The city in the heart of the US state of Nevada has been Call as a gaming metropolis developed and have some imposing casinos and have hotels. With the planned “Majestic Las Vegas”, the impressive architectural landscape is to be expanded by a luxurious building from 2024. However, with his construction project, Lorenzo Doumani pursues an idiosyncratic plan that clearly differs from the other establishments in Las Vegas.

“We are not a typical holiday destination for tourists”Lolezole Do Domabini, Bauherr des Majestic Las Vegas, Official article by Las Vegas Review journal

The “Majestic Las Vegas” is to be built on the former property of the Clarion Hotel, which is located directly opposite the recently expanded “Las Vegas Convention Center”. The new luxury resort should Completely without gambling And thus clearly distinguish yourself from the local competition. According to Doumani, the Majestic will instead put the main focus on the luxury factor and is intended to attract the noble clientele in this way. A lot of restaurants are planned, a lavish selection of live entertainment with shows and music as well as a medical spa that offers, among other things, nutritional advice. The entire offer should concentrate especially on financially strong business people. For this purpose, extra 35 entrepreneur suites were planned, which are distributed on the top ten floors of the gigantic hotel.

The so-called Sky Suites, which can be used, among other things for conferences, exhibitions or other entrepreneurial activities, are offered for sale, according to the Las Vegas Revegas Review Journals. In terms of price, the luxurious rooms should range between ten and $ 100 million.

New concepts for the corporate world

With the construction of the Sky Suites, Lorenzo Doumani wants to give his luxury resort a unique selling point, which is also the Challenges of the Corona crisis accepts. Due to the considerable restrictions on , companies worldwide are increasingly relying on digital paths to maintain communication. Since personal meetings are not possible in the context of what is possible, the Majestics business premises are a suitable approach at lofty height to offer companies another option after surviving crisis.

The client assumes that even after ending Pandemies, people will still be sensitive to large crowds. In Majestic, companies would therefore be able to control those who go in and out of their own suites. This creates a Feeling of security And a suitable work environment would be created. Doumani focuses primarily on companies from technology, entertainment, sports and fashion industry.

Building project moved due to Corona

The construction of the “Majestic Las Vegas” should actually begin last year. Previously, Lorenzo Doumani had disclosed his plans for the luxury resort in 2019 and thus received an official approval from Clark County for the implementation of his project. Due to the rampant corona pandemic However, he had to change his plans. Despite Covid-19, the construction of the Majestic could have started last year, but in this case Doumani would have enormous economic losses have to calculate. Even today, Las Vegas is badly shaken by the lack of tourism and only returns to normality in slow steps. For this reason, the Majestic start of construction was moved to the rear by 15 to 18 months.

Corona shakes Las Vegas. During the high phase of Corona pandemic, the gaming metropolis experienced an enormous economic slump. The huge hotel complexes and casinos were closed for two and a half months, and guests have only been received in a few again since the beginning of June. Nevertheless, the tourism company runs on a back burner. Last but not least, the low hotel prices show that Las Vegas is far from being busy again.

With the introduction of the first corona vaccine There is hope worldwide that the end of pandemic is in sight. According to the Las Vegas Review journal, Doumani also believes in the effect of the vaccine. So he firmly assumes that the virus will be exterminated until the opening of its luxury resort in 2024.