Las Vegas: Casinos sacrifice Von Cyber attack

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Peter Brandt March 9, 2020

Two casinos in Las Vegas are said to have been the victim of a cyber attack. It would not be the first gap in the cyber security system of the gaming metropolis. In this case, the Four Queens Resort and Casino and the Binion’s Gambling Hall should be the affected casinos. From the official side there is still little information about the concrete effects of the attack, nor is it known who is behind the cyber attack. Either way, however, it became clear that the gambling metropolis in Nevada has to invest quickly in its own IT security.

Anyone behind the cyber attacks on the Las Vegas casinos has not yet been clarified. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Unwanted dance of death: slot machines in casinos out of operation

Usually it hardly plays a role in which day it is or which hour is displayed on the clock – Las Vegas never comes to rest, especially not in the Casino buildings Even where everything flashes and lights up. Particularly lively operation is 24 hours a day at the colorful slot machines, regardless of which casino in Las Vegas is talking about.

It seemed all the more curious, as recently on the Internet on more well-known online platforms that provide an insight into the numerous casinos through video recordings, suddenly to see empty halls were. These strange recordings were already to be seen on Wednesday last week, but even 24 hours later, nothing changed in the inexplicable emptiness.

Specifically, it was the hall in Four Queens Resort and Casino and in the Binion’s Gambling Hall. Since the casino operators did not take a position for the time being, rumors gradually became louder, according to them both Las-Vegas-Casinos Victim of a cyber attack should have become.

For this theory, at least the fact that all slot machines of the affected casinos were not in operation. Eyewitnesses reported that all machines only showed the reference “out of operation”, there were no further explanations. As a short time later the Casinos website removed from the network If the suspicion of a cyber attack was hardened.

Is Las Vegas safe from cyber attacks? “It was officially reported last time last January that cybercriminals had tried to penetrate the Las Vegas digital safety net. How this was tried specifically what the goal of the hackers and who was behind the attack has not yet been officially answered. According to a press release, this attack was not an isolated case – quite the contrary. Every month, almost 280,000 cyber attacks are to be registered on the LAS-Vegas management system. In 2019, Hackern is said to be successful in pronouncing the city’s IT security. As a result, over 10 million sensitive personal data about guests of the MGM Grand were stolen and published. ”

Experts suspect drastic consequences after cyber attack

Experts suggest that both responsible officials of the city and the press spokesman for the affected casinos have not yet come to the public Successful cyber attack act, but also a Attack with particularly severe consequential damage.

In the meantime it has even been known that Nevada’s gambling supervision, Nevada Gaming Control Board, switched on. Even independent investigations are said to have been initiated. The fact that the company in the casino halls has still not been resumed seems to indicate that both the casino operators and the authorities are still busy clarifying the incident.

For some IT experts from Las Vegas, however, this event is not too surprising. IT experts have been the A lack of security in the digital safety network of gaming metropolis denounced. However, optimization measures have not yet taken place.

“When it comes to cyber security, the question is not” whether “, but” when “and” how bad “. No matter what you do, the hackers only have to be right once. As a IT expert, I have to do everything right every day, because these attacks are done every day. ”

Casino customers meanwhile fear that the cyber attackers possibly access to sensitive data such as credit card information could have received. However, since no information about the event and any effects are given, it is unclear which steps would ideally be initiated in order to narrow down damage for individuals. The pressure on the casinos, but also on the city itself, grows.