Las Vegas: Bellagio Casino opens famous poker room

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Lennart folder 26. June 2020

The world -famous poker room of the Bellagio Resort & Casinos in Las Vegas and the scene of various legendary poker tournaments has been reopened since last week. Numerous world -famous sizes from the poker scene such as Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen or Daniel Negreanu have already gambled for gigantic amounts of money in the legendary poker room. After the interim closure of the Bellagios forced by the Corona Lockdown, the poker room has also opened its doors to the game guests. Of course, this was only done under compliance with strict security precautions and hygiene measures. However, it serves as a model for other casinos in the gambling metropolis.

Under strict security measures and hygiene measures, the poker room in the Bellagio Casino has opened its doors again. ((©Mariamichelle/Pixabay)

Special exceptional regulations enable live poker again

The fact that the poker room in the Bellagio Resorts & Casinos in Las Vegas received so much attention for the reopening was on the one hand due to the legendary poker space itself, which housed numerous large poker events in the past, but on the other hand, above all due to the high standard of Hygiene and distance measures in times of corona pandemic. Compared to other casinos, the Bellagio Casino has specified a new bar.

In addition, the operators of the casino have come up with varied concepts for the current, not always simple game offering through hygiene specifications, in order to guarantee a unique gaming experience. That Las Vegas Review-Journal In a report, also pointed out that the attractiveness of the poker room in the Bellagio is significantly increased by an additional exemption. While in poker rooms in other casinos in Las Vegas, according to the guidelines of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, a maximum of five poker players can take a seat at a table, there are even in the Bellagios poker room A maximum of six players at a poker table permitted.

Why the Bellagio Casino was approved this exception is apparently due to the high hygiene and safety standard of the poker space. For example, the gaming tables between every player and the dealer plexiglass pushing have been used so that the coronavirus between players and employees cannot be transferred. The installation of the protective walls also has the advantage that the gaming tables A recommendation for wearing a mouth-nose protection does not apply. Most poker players welcome this.

In conversation with the Las Vegas Review journal, Mike Williams, poker director in the Bellagio, was extremely satisfied with the new concept. So far, he has almost only received positive feedback, both from the staff and the game guests. The offer was well received. In the meantime alone at the weekend around 20 poker tables were occupied. The poker room in the Bellagio Casino is open 24 hours a week. Only the high-stakes room entitled “Bobby`s Room” is still waiting for its reopening.

Poker room in the Bellagio Casino a role model for other casinos

According to the report of the Las Vegas Review journals, several other casinos Las Vegas expresses her interest from the gaming metropolis to want to take over the high security and hygiene standard of the Bellagios for her poker rooms. Above all, this includes the equipment with the protective walls made of plexiglass between the players and employees. In this way, the safety of the guests present is to be significantly increased.

Is there a new Corona Hutdown? The number of new infections in the US state has increased massively in recent weeks and climbed to a record high. The gaming metropolis is responsible for a large part of the new infections. There are multiple reasons for that. However, if the government of Nevada cannot contain the further outbreak as quickly as possible, at least the city of Las Vegas, perhaps also a new lockdown.

For example, the casino The Orleans has already requested several room divisors for its poker room. The manager of the casino, Garrett Okahara, explained that they were absolutely necessary in order to be able to meet the many questions for poker games. The Venetian’s poker room is one step further. Here already has the first one last weekend Poker tournament with a total of 80 participants took place at various different tables. To what extent the poker game in Las Vegas will normalize at least taking into account the hygiene measures depends immediately on how the number of new infections of the coronavirus develops. A new lockdown would hit the poker scene again hard.