KISS: Rockband opens Casino

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Peter Brandt 18. May 2023

The legendary hard rock band Kiss opened its first casino in Braman, Oklahoma in the US. For its debut in the gambling industry, the group took over the former tribal casino “Southwind” from the KAW Nation and converted it into a gambling temple with rock setting. The new casino is called “Rock & Brews Casino Braman”.

In addition to electronic table games, the “Rock & Brews Casino Braman” comprises around 400 slot machines. ((©Benoit Dare/Unsplash)

Project realization after Corona break

The opening of the “Rock & Brews” took a total of five years of start -up time. Paul Stanley (singer) and Gene Simmons (bassist) had already started the opening of his own casino in 2017. At the time, the two rockers were looking for a conversation with the KAW Nation to transform the “Southwind” into a completely new gambling temple. in the The focus was on a rock ‘n’ roll settingthat was also realized after five years.

If it had gone to Stanley and Simmons, the opening of the “Rock & Brews” could have taken place three years ago. However, the casino project had to due to the corona pandemic for a long time will. Through the Effects of the virus KISS was forced to move the complete project.

Great plans. The “Rock & Brews” in Oklahoma was supposed to follow a second gambling temple with similar names in 2020. The “Biloxi Rock & Brews” casino project in the US state of Mississippi was planned. For this, the former “Margaritaville Casino”, which is still closed today. Around 1,000 slots, dozens of table games and even sports betting were intended for the gambling offer. A hotel with 300 rooms was also part of the planning. A total of $ 200 million in the room. Due to the Corona crisis, however, this project also had to be put on hold. In the meantime, the planning has been resumed whether the hard rock band is still involved is not known.

Tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll

Kiss is one of the the most legendary and most successful hard rock bands any times. The group has that Genre shaped for decades And not least because of their iconic facial painting, enjoys a kind of cult status.

To date, the band has remained true to itself. This does not seem to have changed when you started the gambling industry. So the “Rock & Brews Braman” is like one Cathedral of the Rock ‘N’ Rolls.

Unique in Oklahoma. According to Adam Goldberg, CEO of Rock & Brews, the new casino in Braman with all its pictures and portraits of various rock stars exudes a unique atmosphere that has not yet existed in Oklahoma. The entire project symbolizes a great achievement that was only possible in the collective. As a co -founder, Stanley and Simmons were indispensable for the implementation with their ideas and input.

Apart from the rock ‘n’ roll setting, the “Rock & Brews” offers its guests around 400 different slot machines and various table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. The entire casino is dressed in countless LED monitors, which among other things Picked up with concert excerpts by Kiss will.

Before the rock band set a foot in the gambling industry, it established itself in the catering trade. The musicians run around 20 restaurants and bars. In the new casino in Oklahoma there is now another establishment that one Mixing of bar and restaurant represents. In addition to a large selection of beers, a stage for live shows is also available.

Oklahoma only the beginning?

Is Oklahoma just the starting signal for a longer commitment from KISS in the gambling industry? Anyway, it seems that way. Because immediately after the opening ceremony in Braman, Stanley and Simmons traveled to Milwaukee, according to US media reports. That The “Potawatomi Hotel & Casino”that will receive a general overhaul of $ 100 million in the near future. A restaurant from the “Rock & Brews” brand is to be found as part of the renovation work.

The “Potawatomi” becomes a Play area of a total of 11,150 square meters offer that comprises over 1,800 slot machines, numerous gaming tables and a bar with 28 bar slots. The other interior includes 4K TVs, beverage and dining stations as well as a convenience shop.

Space in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is known for its numerous breweries and its role in the history of beer. To date, the gambling has not played a major role in the city and in the surrounding region. In the recent past, however, a development has been used that made the local gaming market much more competitive. The “Potawatomi” is considered a top dog.