Kindred Group for more sustainability

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Peter Brandt March 18, 2020

In its 2019 sustainability report, the Kindred Group advocates even more sustainability in the gambling sector – through operational limits and self -closure. The objectives for the coming years will prove how serious the online gambling provider is. As early as 2023, potentially harmful gambling formats from their own portfolio wanted to be completely abolished. In addition, in the foreseeable future, one only wants to work on regulated markets, which is currently not yet the case.

Self-ending and independently defined commitment limits should continue to guarantee sustainability in the online gambling. ((© lechenie-narkomanii/Pixabay)

Kindred Group with a pioneering role for sustainable online gambling

It is usually individual cases when it comes to naming companies that In addition to maximizing your profit, define other goals with the same high importance – especially if these goals are rather disadvantageous from an economic perspective. This claim is certainly valid for most industries, according to this for the gaming sector.

One of these individual cases can also be found among gambling providers. He bears the name Kindred Group. Certainly never should be looked at too uncritically on profit-oriented companies, but at least when it comes to sustainability or player protection in the online gambling game, the Kindred Group can be certified in an exemplary commitment.

Who is hiding behind the Kindred Group? “The Kindred Group was founded in 1997 and has been committed to the intent since the first day that there is still an even better way to act in the gaming sector in a way that FairPlay is guaranteed and that players still receive the best possible range of games of chance. The Kindred Group sees itself as an innovative and future -oriented gaming provider. In the meantime, the Kindred Group, which is made up of eleven individual brands, is one of the world’s leading online gambling providers with business activities in Europe, the USA and Australia. The company looks after around 27 million customers in total and employs 1,666 people. The Kindred Group, headquartered on Malta, is also a member of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and founding member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). ”

This currently confirms the Sustainability report 2019that reveals even better numbers to the company than was the case in the penultimate and last report. Since 2017, for example, the number of players has been Individual and self -defined commodity limits Use to control your own game rose from nine to 11.5 percent among all Kindred Group customers.

Science confirms effective system for sustainable player protection

In principle, the figures of the sustainability report confirm that the Measures and tools for safe, responsible and sustainable online gambling, which are implemented equally on all of the Kindred Group platforms, are actually accepted and used in practice by more and more customers.

How effective are tools for self -control in gambling? “A British study included an anonymized data record of 49,560 players who had made at least one use of the online gambling provider Kindred. The main goal of the study was to investigate whether the determination of voluntary money limits had an impact on expenses for online gambling over a period of one year. The results showed that among the most game -intensive players, those who had voluntarily bounds, played significantly less money a year later than those people who had not done so. ”

Nevertheless, it should still be a long way to achieve the formerly proclaimed goals. Because in 2018 the Kindred Group announced that 2019 should actually use at least half of all players of one or more tools for self-control in online gambling. From this number you are still very far away.

Nevertheless, one wanted to look at the development positively and continue to work on being the first representative of the industry to 100 percent of sustainable gaming providers can be referred to. If it goes to Kindred-CEO Henrik Tjärnström, this goal should be achieved in three years at the latest.

“I am proud to see great progress in our sustainability obligations. We have the clear goal of making zero percent with harmful gambling up to 2023, and in 2019 we invested heavily in technology, people and communication. ”

Potential for improvement in operational business

Despite respectable goals and overall exemplary business philosophy, the Kindred Group also strikes critical tones. especially the Activity on regulated and non -regulated gaming markets are still in an unpleasant mismatch.

The Kindred Group is In addition to Malta and Gibraltar, also equipped in 13 other countries with a state -owned licenseThe proportion of gross games generated in regulated markets is only 59 percent.

The share of 16 percent climbed up in the previous year, but this value is by no means sufficient for your own claim. In mid -2019 the Kindred Group even had to Fine due to illegal gaming offers Accept almost half a million $ . The punishment was pronounced by the Dutch gambling authority.