Keir Strandmer with bookmakers Favorit

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Maximilian Deininger January 27, 2020

On April 4th, the British Labor party may expect a change in the party leadership. Bookmaker gives Keir Stamer the best quota for the election victory. The good chances for the London MP on the takeover of the party leadership among the Social Democrats are also related to the last disastrous defeat of the election under Jeremy Corbyn. With a betting odds of 1.4, the election seems to be decided before April.

The seats in the British parliament will soon be reorganized. Keir Strander could take over the Labor top. ((©freewingstravels/Pixabay)

Keir Stranders election success only a matter of form

If between February 21 and April 2nd of this year, the 500,000 party members go to the ballot boxes in Great Britain again British Labor party for a new party leadership ask. After the historical election for the Social Democrats in the parliamentary election, which results in a loss of a quarter of all previous mandates, the previous party leader Jeremy Corbin decided to withdraw from the top.

“In the British Parliamentary election of December 12, 2019, the Labor party lost 59 mandates. In total, there are only 203 mandates for MPs from the Social Democratic Party. This is the worst election result for the Labor party for over 80 years. ”

Thus, the question that will also be interesting for betting providers will also ask who will be at the head of the Labor party in the future. If you trust the analyzes and projections of numerous betting providers, in which political betting has established themselves as a highlight in the betting portfolio over the past few years, no way will pass the MP Keir. On average comes Strong on a betting rate of 1.4 – And towards his opponents, at least from the perspective of the bookmakers, is almost unable to go ahead.

However, this assessment is reflected both In many parts of the British population as well as with many party members. Keir Strandmer was able to collect political points in particular in heated discussions with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, also because Labor MP Johnson trumps in terms of charisma and rhetoric-at least so The view of many Social Democrats.

“All candidates are suitable people – but I have to stand up for Keir Strander – and ask you to do the same. We can no longer make mistakes. We have suffered a bitter defeat. Now we have to overthrow the Clown Boris government. ”

Long-Bailey only with a supporting role when choosing

Apparently there is no alternative to Keir Starmer as new personnel Labor leadership. The fact is, however, that other Labor members have also applied for the highest inner party, including Strander’s party colleague Rebecca Long-Bailey, which, unlike the politically moderate, rather the far left party wing can be assigned.

Since the striker is very likely to have the large liberal camp behind it and the radical social democratic wing is also more struggle than long-bailey, they stand Opportunities for a female party leadership are currently rather low. Bookmakers only give the MPs from the north of England a quota of 4.5 to the election victory.

From the perspective of the betting providers, Lisa Nandy election success is much less likely. In some English areas, the politician was able to “go home” and to hers with her promise, the party ” to lead social democratic roots, nevertheless, a quota of an average of 11.0 does not exactly speak for Nandy’s expected success. Nevertheless, the Labor MP is still in third place.

“From ex-miners in Blyth Valley to migrant cleaners in Brixton, from small businesses in Stoke-on-Trent to the self-employed in Salford, we have to unite our communities. Britain has a long history of patriotism rooted in working life, built upon unity and pride in the common interests and shared life of everyone. To win we must revive this progressive patriotism and solidarity in a form fit for modern Britain.”Rebecca Long-Bailey, British politician at the Labor Party

In view of such figures, the other contenders can actually do are not spoken by serious candidates. Jess Philips and Emily Thornberry are far behind the three most promising names with quotas of 31.0 and 51.0.

  • Average quota for Keir Strandmer: 1.4
  • Average quota for Rebecca Long-Bailey: 4.5
  • Average rate for Lisa Nandy: 11.0