Kaufland: Knossi as an advertising medium

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Peter Brandt March 12, 2021

The former casino streamer Knossi is currently heating the minds as the advertising view of Kaufland. Since March 4, 2021, the self -proclaimed “King of the Internet” has been seen online and in the customer brochure of the supermarket chain. As a “King of Kaufland”, he acts as a advertising medium with a large reach, which he has built up on the streaming platform Twitch over the years. A large part of his content consisted of online casinos until the turn of the year. However, this part of his past seems to affect him in his business engagement, since many people are outraged by his happy activities.

In many of his livestreams, Knossi gambled in online casinos in front of a large audience and thus built up a large followers over time. ((© Aidahahowe / Pilayay)

Marketing offensive from Kaufland

Jens Knossalla aka Knossi gained celebrity on the Internet as well gelaunter and euphoric casino streamer. In the meantime, its large range is not only in demand in digital space, but also in the analog world. The self -proclaimed “king of the Internet” not only has its own Comedyshow on RTL, also in terms of advertising figure, Knossi knows how to draw attention to himself. Since March 4th he has been the new advertising view of Kaufland and appears as a “King of Kaufland” both online and in the brochures of the food dealer. The entire campaign was skilfully staged on both sides. As a starting shot of the new marketing campaign, Kaufland published an advertising clip with the new “King of the Supermarkt”. At that time, Knossi was not yet planned as an advertising medium. However, this should change when the former casino streamer was challenged to a challenge that caused a lot of sensation.

In the focus of this challenge, the commercial itself was .. Should this have at least 75,000 likes, the entertainer would inherit the planned king as the heir to the throne and rise to the new “King of Kaufland”. The marketing strategy quickly turned out to be a stroke of genius. The Knossi community reached the placed brand in less than 24 hours. The goal of 75,000 likes was far exceeded. At the current time, the clip on YouTube has more than 87,000 likes.

Far -reaching advertising campaign. Kaufland has considered a few tricks with its marketing campaign around the former casino streamer to make the entire campaign even more attractive to the public and for customers. Consumers by code have the option of accessing a video message from the new Kaufland king, which is associated with an interactive competition. Among other things, iPhones and PlayStation consoles are raffled off here.

Young generation in focus

The idea behind the new marketing strategy from Kaufland is clear. With Knossi as an advertising point of view, the supermarket chain tries to win over the younger audience – especially generation Z -. This is intended to both expand and establish your own customer base for the future. As a Twitch streamer, the new “King of Kaufland” has an authentic relationship with younger people and takes a kind of role model function for many young people and young adults. The managing director of marketing at Kaufland, Christoph Schneider, who has deliberately campaigned for a cooperation with the streamer, also knows this:

“The cooperation with Knossi has given our campaign a special highlight and at the same time a lot of attention in social media. Here we work regularly with influencers to open up new target groups and to address younger generations in particular. ”Christoph Schneider, Marketing managing director at Kaufland Official press release from Kaufland

Knossi massively in criticism

Knossi’s commitment to Kaufland has caused a lot of positive response, but not all people were enthusiastic about the marketing campaign. Since the Twitch streamer has achieved a large part of its range through online gambling, Great resentment on social networks. A fact that ironically fits into the negative photograph of the media landscape. The new Kaufland king is repeatedly criticized because of his gambling activities, since he allegedly systematically seduced children and young people to gambling.

The streamer himself had Sworn off the casino streams in January. He explained by video message that he no longer met the permanent blame. Too often he made it clear that his content no minor appeal and he does not want to tempt anyone to gambling. At the same time, he always dealt with the topic very transparently and never made advertising for individual platforms.

Public pressure. Casino streams on the Internet have been viewed critically from the public for a long time. The topic was particularly criticized again and again, particularly in the media. As the largest player in this area, Knossi also regularly targeted the media. For example, the famous satirist Jan Böhmermann questioned the gambling activities from the self-proclaimed “King on the Internet” and appealed to player and youth protection. The ZDF magazine “Frontal 21” also broadcast a program on the subject of online gambling and criticized the former casino streamer.