Kahle Burns decides the WSope 2019 High Roller Event

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Lennart folder 28. October 2019

The Australian professional Kahle Burns won $ 25,000 Platinum High Roller No-Limit Hold ’em event at this year’s WSOP Europe. He was able to look forward to almost 600,000 $ . To do this, he had to prevail against a strong field of participants, in which Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and Hossein Ensan also worked.

At the big WSOP Europe event 2019, Kahle Burns prevailed against 83 poker professionals. ((©pixabay.com)

Toughes Event mit US-Profis

If you are looking for a hard event, then the Platinum High Roller Event at the WSope is just the thing. The final table had some well-known poker professionals to offer. Among the last eight players were Sam Trickett, Robert Campbell, Alex Foxen, Tim Adams and the Winner of this year’s WSOP Main Event, Hossein Ensan, to find. the ensan, who came from USA, wanted to prove that his main event title was not a coincidence and also got very far at event #8 at the wsope. third place was over. the field of participants consisted of a total of 83 poker experts, against whom kahle burns was able to prevail in the end. of the A total of 1.97 million $ in prize money So the Australian professional drove up 596,883 $ . The great victory means to him all the more because it was his first bracelet. Nevertheless, Burns remained cool as a poker professional.

“It was a kind of calm sailing. A very fast final table. I was lucky to start with the chip star and had no all-ins myself. The others loosened each other. I only had one hand against Sam trickett, in which we both came up with good hands. That changed things a little, but everything went quickly and smoothly. No complaints.”

The frame data of the WSope 2019 Event #8:

  • $ 25.500 Platinum No Limit Hold’em High Roller.
  • Buy-in: 25.000 + 500 Euro
  • Prize money: 1,971,250 $

Two Americans in the top 10

The Brit Sam Trickett landed in second place in second place in a bracelet event for the second time in his career. The American Hossein Essan also had to cut the sails earlier than wanted in third place and was therefore unable to secure the second bracelet this year. Fourth, the Dutchman Hakim Zoufri, fifth was the Canadian Timothy Adams, who can almost regularly put in high roller events. So it was A final table with top cast, on which burns “smooth” is sailed. The time of celebration for burns only comes after the 100,000 euro Diamond High Roller Event and the 10,000 euro main event.

“I get married from Melbourne and one of my best friends. So there is a bachelor party in Australia or the USA. I am the best man for the wedding and will take over the planning. It will be a fun time with the boys. ”

Burns managed to collect many chips on the second day of the event and was therefore able to put a lot of pressure on the bubble. To his luck he kept the chip star to the final table, on which everything went very quickly. the American anton morgenstern had to watch the final day from the rails. however, he secured 7th place, which landed two Americans in the top 10. so land with it The two Americans ahead of the American poker icons Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu. Ivey had to leave the tables on the bubble before prize money. His all-in with king and lady pik from the small blind was called by Burns. The Australian showed Ass Karo and King Pik, with which he was in the lead. The board, king heart, 8 heart, 2 cross, 6 heart, 8 pik brought no help for Ivey. At least Daniel Negreanu made it to tenth place. but the American main event winner was over. in the blinds of negreanu with 9 caro, 8 karo an all-in by ensan from the cut off. ensan showed pocket 9s and the board könig pik, bube kreuz, 2 heart, 6 heart, 2 cross kept the nine alive. the final day had to take place without negreanu, but still had it all. alex foxen, currently In second place in the GPI players, was the first to leave the table. His all-in with lady Bube could no longer overtake Trickett’s Ass Bube. After this Tricket that actually as a short stack on the final table Came, also with Pocket 8S Timothy Adams (Ace König), he also made an attack on Hakim Zoufri. At first, tricks aces against zoufris 9 8 did not. After two further attempts, however, he was able to force the Dutch to his knees and took over the chip star.

Burns in heads-up against trickett

In an all-in against Ensan, Burns was able to get the lead back afterwards. After a Raise of the American from the button, an all-in of the Australian professional from the small blind followed. Here too the Australian had the necessary cards again. his ass cross, 10 karo was and remained in the lead against ensans king herz dame pik. the board only brought blanks. ensan achieved a good third place and can look forward to more than 250,000 $ in prize money, although after the 10 million from the main event at ensan, it is no longer so much to get the money, but rather to the challenge. after that, only stayed Sam Trickett and Kahle Burns in Heads-Up left into the trick as a light chip leader. however, his lead was powdered when there was a preliminary hand: the dealer gave burns two ladies and tricks got ass dame. burns limp into the pot to put a trap. tricket raiste his no-brainer and burns rereaiste all-in. after trickett’s call, however, the board only brought low cards and the brit had only two big blinds left. so trickett remained no choice but last but not least with 7 pik, 4 pik all-in. burns had king pik, 4 caro, which brought the ultimate decision. the board bube karo, bube herz, 5 pik, 9 herz, bube pik brought burns the bracelet. when asked if that Prestige or the money It was more important for him, Burns replied:

“Whether a bracelet goes hand in hand with it or not, it means to win something against strong players and a strong competition. In addition, I didn’t have a good start to the series, so it is obviously nice to win back some of the money. ”

  1. Kahle Burns: 596.883 Euro
  2. Sam Trickett: 368.899 Euro
  3. Hoshinen -san: 251. 837 Euro
  4. Hakim Zoufri: 177.062 Euro
  5. Timothy Adams: 128.326 Euro
  6. Alex Foxen: 95,962 Euro
  7. Anton Morgenstern: 74,117 $
  8. Robert Campbell: 59.189 Euro
  9. Laszlo Bujtas: 48,929 $
  10. Daniel Negreanu: 48,929 $