JNS Gaming: Casino im Metaverse

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Peter Brandt March 30, 2023

The gaming group JNS Gaming has launched an online gambling platform that is inspired by the meta-verse. For the project, the start-up has launched the new “Lynxbet” brand, which will enable immersive gambling activities on the platform in the future. As can be seen from the company’s press release, players will not only benefit from a casino, but also experience sports betting, lottery and sport.

Metaverse is called the founder of web 3.0 and could serve as a new market for the gambling industry. ((©360creator /Pixabay.com)

Gambling world in the “Land of Lynxbet”

As a start-up in the Igaming sector, JNS Gaming wants to use his immersive online gambling platform on the growing hype around the metaverse jump up. The “Land of Lynxbet”, the name of the digital gambling world, is accordingly inspired by the meta -verse, but is a launch as an autonomous platform. According to the group, however, future integration is possible in principle in order to create an even larger project.

Lynxbet The brand was officially licensed by JNS Gaming before implementing the immersive gambling world. Lynxbet holds the Isle of Man’s license and is therefore bound to legislation in Europe. Players meet a serious and regulated range of gaming.

The “Land of Lynxbet” is a gaming platform with meta-verse elements, the one New era of entertainment in the gambling industry should be heralded. a combination of modern technology and escapism is offered. players would have the opportunity to indulge in the immersive game world and to experience a responsible gaming experience. as a target group, jns gaming defines primarily occasional and recreational players. according to jeremy taylor, chief executive by lynxbet, the player community is offered a unique game world that has not yet existed in this form. in the “land of lynxbet”, a dynamic and realistic day-night cycle is offered, which is based on the user’s respective time zone. playful Enter the digital gaming world with various islandsthat could be visited at will. Each of the islands offer different content. For example, the casino can visit, play bingo, participate in the lottery or Betting on sports events from the real world to be placed.

Focus on South America initially

JNS Gaming is planning to be active in several countries with its new gaming platform and to build a large customer base over time. For the launch, however, the start-up initially wanted to concentrate on South America. The markets on the continent are all regulated and offer jns gaming one intact infrastructure at the legal level. in order to be able to take a successful start, all areas of the “land of lynxbet” were linguistically adapted to the regions on the continent. for perfect and quick handling, jns gaming also set up regional teams in order to include the players in the respective countries positive and personal gaming experience to be able to offer. The achievement of this goal is also secured by marketing campaigns and any collaborations. This area of responsibility falls into the area of responsibility of the regional brand ambassadors.

Transactions Not only linguistically, the “Land of Lynxbet” adapt to the markets in South America. JNS Gaming is also well positioned in terms of payments. In this way, the players in the respective states could choose from suitable payment methods. Even deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrency are possible.

Virtual casinos in metaverse

In the opinion of Taylor, the virtual gaming market is saturated. During the development process of the new gaming platform, the JNS Gaming boss and his team quickly recognized that an immersive platform Possibility of new gaming experiences offer. immersive user experiences have received its entry into society with virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar). according to taylor, the next development step marks the meta -verses. with this view, the boss of jns gaming is not alone. both in the gambling industry as well as in tens of other economic sectors, the metaverse is currently being located. the digital cosmos is used by the use of the latest technology attributed to unlimited potentialsome players from the gambling industry have already tried to use this potential. so some vr casinos were on the some players from the gambling industry have already tried to use this potentialsome players from the gambling industry have already tried to use this potential. so some vr casinos were on the so some vr casinos were on the Idea of metavers are based, developed. Players can use VR glasses Fully immerse yourself in the virtual casino And play all gambling.

Mark Zuckerberg In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg showed the importance of metavers in the future in a memorable presentation. The Facebook boss not only explained to the world that Facebook is called Meta in the future, but also demonstrated his idea of meta-verses. So it will soon be possible to experience activities such as team meetings, sports or parties completely in the metaverse.