Jepsen condemned for poker fraud

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Lennart folder January 6, 2020

The Danish poker professional Peter Jepsen was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for online poker fraud. He committed the crime from 2008 to 2014. The EPT champion had gained an advantage with chopped laptops and captured millions of millions. Apart from the prison sentence, Jepsen also has to pay 3.5 million $ in fine.

Peter Jepsen has to go to prison for 30 months due to online poker fraud. ((©Ichigo121212/Pixabay)

First victim, then perpetrator

The story begins over ten years ago, but is in times of Cybercrime more relevant than ever. In 2008 reports appeared that the poker professional Peter Jepsen became the victim of a fraud Stolen from his computer via a fraudulent trojan virus data became. You don’t know exactly, but it could have been the fact that gave Jepsen the idea of getting into cybercrime himself.

Well, eleven years later, it is Jepsen, the sentenced to 30 months in prison for online poker fraud became. Since the investigation over such a long period of time – it has been five years since the first allegations – his punishment has already been reduced. The actual sentence was four years. The poker community had almost forgotten its name and accusations during this time.

However, the memories of the judgment emerges again. The convicted person was not named in the local news, but other media were able to identify him as Peter Jepsen. The long -term investigation showed that Jepsen pursued a fraud plan to betray the players for their hard -earned money. He made No stop in front of big names or even friendships.

First Elite, then prison

The former military police officer experiences a deep case, he became To the elite of the Danish online and offline poker professionals counted. He was often mentioned in the same breath with Gus Hansen or Theo Jorgensen. Now it has been proven that he cheated for six years to secure this status.

Peter Jepsen was not only under contract with Full Tilt Poker and Ladbrokes and a well -known grinder in the High Stakes Cash Games, but also even won an EPT Main event in Warsaw. There he was able to collect a prize money of $ 415,679.

However, that was not his greatest success. He became known in the online scene because he played an incredible pot of $ 499,000 against Tom Dwan. That was in 2008 and then The biggest online pot that has ever been played. It is not clear whether he cheated on it. However, Jepsen started fraud in 2008.

He could use a Trojan that he installed on the laptops of the poker professionals at various events view the hole cards of his opponents. He was very successful with this stitch over the six years. This shows that even poker professionals do not have enough know-how in order to always avoid fraud.

“Overall, Peter” Zuppp “Jepsen is said to have come through the chopped laptops of around four million $ .”

First accomplice, then witness

However, he did not do the fraud alone. And that was ultimately the stumbling block for Jepsen, who had hoped to get away until the conviction. However, his partners turned against him and made statements about their and Jepsen’s role in the crimes, which ultimately led to conviction.

Jepsen had a number of accomplices, three of which made the statement that they were part of the team, The Trojans installed on the computers of other players. Jepsen was therefore only responsible for clearing the money. He did not commit the slump into the hotel room. However, that would also be difficult because he had to be present at the tables like the other players during the events.

The first incidents became known in Barcelona during the 2013 EPT. In the popular Poker Forum Two Plus Two Reports of players whose laptops were manipulated, while they weren’t in the hotel room. This procedure was only examined in 2014 after A group of Danish high-stakes players reported fraudulent activitieswhere malware had been installed on their computers. The Danish authorities then conducted an in -depth – the word gained a particularly strong meaning through the five years.

The Copenhagen city court sentenced Jepsen to 30 months in prison for serious fraud and a fine of EUR 3.5 million. Go first Only 107,000 $ to the victims injured by Jepsen return. It is still unclear whether he can pay at all. However, it is certain that the former poker professional is certainly no longer welcomed to the poker tables.

“Already in 2013, Jepsen had to repay $ 800,000 to Viktor Blom because Jepsen passed his account to Bet365 to the player Robert“ Gulkines ”. This made Blom easier for around 800,000, but the Dane received the instruction of Bet365 to repay the money because it was multi-accounting-which is not only forbidden in online poker. ”