Alderney island loses gaming companies

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Peter Brandt 8. June 2020

According to a current report by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), the channel island is fighting with a strong emigration of gaming companies. At least this is indicated by the recently published annual report for 2019. As a result, there are said to have been significantly fewer new applications for a gambling license on the island of Alderney last year than the years earlier. The reason for this could be that the sewer island loses its special position, since gambling legislation in many countries will change in the coming years.

The island of Alderney has long been a stronghold of gambling providers. Now many companies are gradually hiking. ((©OpenClipart-Vectors/Pixabay)

Alderney could lose important sources of income

For a long time it was not easy for gambling companies in Europe to gain a foothold on the broad European market and legally operating. This was particularly due to the fact that in many European countries an outdated gambling legislation was anchored, which sometimes made it difficult to legally operate.

For a long time, this looked different on the Canal Island of Alderney, which is directly subordinate to the British crown and has just a good 2,000 inhabitants. The island was considered special for gambling companies lucrative and attractive company location. In principle, this is still the case, but it seems that some of the previously resident companies from the Gambling industry are ambitious to shift their location to another country.

This conclusion is indirectly recently published AGCC annual report for 2019 refer to. This report clearly shows that significantly fewer companies last year A gambling license on the island of Alderney had than the years before. The reason for this should be the legal relaxation in many European nations like USA or even non -European countries Nigeria knows Being that many online casino providers could already make it possible to advertise a lucky game license there.

The changing national gambling legislation in the European countries seem to be a possible reason for the falling figures for happiness in the Glow license applications on Alderney. In 2019, for example, Sweden opened its gambling market for foreign providers of online gambling. Likewise, the Netherlands and USA will be theirs Open online gambling market next year. Although there are strict requirements for a corresponding license, the rush, as has already happened in Sweden, should be very large.

The development of the awarding of happiness. “In 2018 there were a total of 53 gambling companies licensed on Alderney. However, many of them waived a renewal of the license and let it expire at the end of the year. In addition to Greentube, other well -known international gaming companies such as ElectraWorks and NYX Digital Gaming pursued this procedure. As a result, only 33 online gambling providers had a gambling license from the AGCC in 2019. Among them were only six providers who applied for a lucky license for the first time. They include SG Digital (Gibraltar) Limited and IGT Malta Interactive Limited. ”

AGCC is confident

The declining number of active and licensed gaming companies was also reflected on the business figures of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission of 2019. While the total income in 2018 was still 5.51 million British pounds of sterling, They fell by around 17 percent the following year On 4.57 British pounds of sterling. Only the proportion of license fees fell by a total of 914,000 British pounds of sterling.

To make matters worse, the costs of the AGCC due to rising rents and personnel costs as well as the purchase of new technological equipment rose by approx. 4.53 percent. The AGCC did not want to comment on the reasons for the falling number of applications for happiness in Alderney. However, the chairman of the authority, Lord Faulkner of Worcester, was optimistic about the latest, positive figures:

“Although in 2019 there was some difficulties, we look ahead and not back and will continue to play our role in the developing industry. We are confident that the setbacks we have experienced in 2020 are only temporary and that our future will not define. ”