Ireland is looking for boss for supervisory authority

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Peter Brandt March 9, 2023

Ireland is on the home straight of his gaming reform and is looking for a boss for the new supervisory authority. This is what the “Gambling Regulation Act” provides for, which is intended to standardize and liberalize the gambling legislation in Ireland. The regulatory authority, called “Gambling Regulatory Authority” (GRA), is to act as a superordinate control body.

The Irish Gambling Act from the 1960s did not know about the Internet or online casinos. ((© Leon SEY SEYPRESS / DETPLAYS)

Search by application process

Gambling in Ireland had a very difficult time in Ireland. There was no uniform regulation for classic gambling offers, the online segment even lacked completely legal requirements. The gambling law from the 1960s was peppered with completely outdated measuresthat could not be applied to the modern industry.

In 2019 the Newly elected Irish government ended the hustle and bustle and passed a new legal framework, which, however, initially Missing contemporary rules of the game. Politicians have only been driving gambling reform for a few months now, the final form of which is now about to be completed. The GRA plays an essential role. The regulatory authority is considered The linchpin of the new legislation, however, cannot take up your work without a head.

Online casinos without rules. Before Irish politics officially launched gambling reform in 2019, the online gambling in the republic was equalized by a fallow country. Since the outdated legislation came from the 1960s and at that time the Internet was still a few decades away, any legal rules for today’s online casinos were missing.

As a rule, chief and management posts are occupied in an internal procedure. Displacements are also typical – however, classic applications are not. Nevertheless, applicants who trust themselves as head of the Irish gambling regulator apply.

The head of the GRA will essentially fill out the role of a CEO. This is how James Browne, Irish Junior Justice Minister. According to the politician’s statements, the future head of the supervisory authority Team of around 100 employees Among itself, which must be conducted competently.

Financial means of the regulatory authority

The installation of the regulatory authority and the associated search for a suitable candidate for the management agency falls into the area of responsibility of Browne. He monitors the implementation of the new legislation. He told Irish media that the GRA should receive competent leadership within the next few months. In addition, he gave an insight into the area of responsibility of the supervisory authority.

This will be gambling as well as gaming and lotteried services regulate in all areas. This includes, among other things, the entire range of games, player and youth protection as well as the advertising activities. The GRA controls both commercial and non -commercial providers alike.

The Irish state has so that the regulatory authority can also adequately meet their work Between eight and twelve million $ in funds promised. The capital is planned for the first few years so that processes and structures can develop without financial pressure. In the future, however, the authority should be able to finance itself through industrial division.

Financing. The financial means should enable GRA to build a foundation in peace. Independent financing is only planned later. But when this should be the case is not entirely apparent. James Browne and Irish politics do not reveal any specific information in this regard. Industry experts assume that the government wants to remain flexible.

Extensive power powers

According to Browne, the GRA will be equipped with extensive power powers to keep the Irish gambling industry on course. So the authority will be for that License procedure and for the control of the license holders to be responsible. As soon as a gaming operator with a valid concession dances out of the series, the supervision may express sensitive punishments. Even a license withdrawal is within the scope of what is possible.

In addition, the GRA will be able to control the advertising and sponsorship of the licensees. The authority must generally adhere to the measures written down in the “Gambling Regulation Act”, but depending on the situation, it could determine it Adjust the rules at your own discretion. The extensive power powers should ensure that the GRA has every corner of the Irish gambling industry in view and that every conceivable type of regulation is possible.

Sleeping player protection? The GRA was considered necessary in the elaboration of the gambling reform early. According to media reports, both politics and a large part of the population believe that only a separate and independent gambling regulation helps to improve the market. The urgently needed player and youth protection in particular plays an overarching role. In the past, there have always been reports on the growing number of problem players in Ireland. This development is now to be stopped by the GRA.