Interpol conference against betting fraud

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Maximilian Deininger 16. May 2023

In Abu Dhabi, representatives from the judiciary and sport have gathered to stand up against betting fraud. As part of the “12. Interpol Match-Fixing Task Force Meeting ”advised managers, experts and delegates from around 50 countries about measures against fraudulent sports betting and game manipulations. The event focused on ensuring the integrity of sport as well as the exchange of experiences and promoting international cooperation.

The Interpool conference took place between May 10 and 12 in Abu Dhabi. ((© Kamil Rogalinski/Unsplash)

Integrity of sporting competitions

The sports betting industry is a lucrative business, the growth of which has increased enormously in recent years. For an overwhelming part of the betting community, betting at any sporting events is a passion. Accordingly, money plays a rather subordinate role. However, there is a minority that is due to targeted manipulation and structured fraud enrich on sports betting illegally want. This not only creates enormous financial damage, but also the integrity of sporting competitions is at risk.

In order to make the illegal machinations in the sports betting segment, from May 10th to 12th Numerous experts from different areas found in Abu Dhabi for the 12th Interpol conference. Among other things, experts from law enforcement, international sports associations and anti-doping organizations were present.

The local Ministry of the Interior was responsible for the event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Betting fraud, money laundering, play manipulation and corruption go out.

During the Interpol conference, the invited representatives addressed among other things Fraud methods for game manipulation, Cryptocurrencies in the context of betting fraud as well as efficient investigation tools and potential online shading.

Focus on betting fraud. Betting fraud and game manipulations result in enormous financial damage year after year. From the point of view of sport, the dwindling integrity is much worse. Accordingly, both the international sports associations and the judiciary have opened heavy guns to suffocate the illegal activities in this area in the bud. For example, numerous representatives of European football were recently met for the “first international conference on game manipulations in football”, which was organized by the UEFA and Europol.

Guest list with big names

The lurking dangers from betting fraud and game manipulations concern sports associations, bookmakers and the law enforcement authorities alike. For this reason, the guest list was peppered with big names from all areas. Many even came up with the speaker and some words addressed the plenum.

At the beginning of the conference, Matt Fowler, Director of Integrity at the “International Betting Integrity Association” (IBIA), played the floor. In his speech, he not only explained the tasks and goals of his organization, but also pointed out that Betting fraud takes place within an illegal network. According to the IBIA, this corrupted system must be smashed in order to protect the integrity of sport efficiently and sustainably.

Organized structures. Betting fraud, game manipulations, money laundering and corruption – all of this takes place in both the small and large style in International Sport. The organized networks, which are mostly spun from Eastern Europe or the Asian region, are particularly dangerous. The structures built make it difficult for law enforcement agencies and sports associations to find the masterminds.

Luca Esposito Poleo, General Secretary of the “Global Lottery Monitoring System” (GLMS), and Kevin Carpenter, head of the integrity center of the ITTF table tennis association, also dared to dare to Step to the speaker desk And addressed a few words to the plenum.

Doping as a focus

The second day of the conference devoted itself to the main focus of doping, which, like betting fraud, endangers the integrity of the sport enormously. However, the dangers do not lurk outside, but within the respective sport. According to the experts, the Taking performance -enhancing funds And forbidden substances do not on an isolated case. Noisy Interpol Has the doping in competitive sports system that goes back to organized crime.

The sport is the goal as a billion dollar business illegal machinationswho want to enrich themselves in an illegal way. In recent years, the activities in all areas have increased noticeably. The people involved always play an essential role in sport, since as the central component of the system, they have the potential power to endanger the integrity of sport. According to Interpol, athletes, team members, officials and other actors become regular recruited by criminal organizations and networks.

Challenge. Sport spanned the entire globe and is present in almost all regions and countries in any form. The challenge for authorities and associations is correspondingly great to protect the integrity of the billion dollar business. The 12th Interpol Conference is intended to create a basis for closer cooperation, since it is significant for the fight against organized crime.