Infection protection scourges gambling

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Peter Brandt 19. April 2021

The new infection protection law relies on possible restrictions that also affect gambling. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her cabinet pursue the overarching goal of decisively preventing the extensive spread of Corona pandemic. For this, the federal government now wants to drive a uniform course, the decisions of which the 16 federal states should implement equally. According to the current status, this new interpretation of the valid legal framework could lead to the fact that facilities and establishments from the gambling industry must continue to keep their gates closed.

Due to the revision of the Infection Protection Act, Chancellor Angela Merkel is aiming for a more uniform handling of pandemic. ((© Fantareis/Pixabay)

Incidence in focus

At first glance, the revised infection protection law does not appear particularly revolutionary, since primarily a number of general protective measures are listed. The individual federal states can apply and cancel them at their own discretion. A fact that has been part of the new reality for several weeks and months. With the paragraph 28b, however, a change has taken place that the Federal government gives a significantly larger scope for action and reaction. It is specifically about The emergency brake that the federal and state governments had worked out in March And which refers to the seven-day incidence.

It exceeds the value of 100 on three days in a row in a district or in an independent city, the emergency brake automatically comes into force with all its restrictive measures. It shouldn’t matter in which federal state the affected area is. This regulation of the new infection protection law applies nationwide and is intended to form a uniform body of action.

Powers of action of the federal government. Due to the federal system in USA, the question arises with regard to the new infection protection law whether Chancellor Merkel and the federal government exceeds their own authority to act with the deep interference with the political spirit. According to Article 74 Paragraph 1 No. 19 of the Basic Law, “Measures against community dangerous and transferable diseases” fall into the area of responsibility of the federal government. This creates the government to take measures to combat pandemic. Ultimately, these apply to all 16 federal states.

Prohibition of opening for gaming industry

If the seven-day incidence exceeds the threshold of 100 over three days in a row, the respective city or the respective area will be faced with harsh incisions in social life. According to the Federal Government official information, such a scenario Members of a household only meet with a maximum of one person. Exceptions are deaths or funerals. These may be arranged with up to 15 people. In addition, your own four walls may only be left in medical emergencies, to exercise the profession or to perceive the right of care or access. An outcome block between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. is also part of the restrictions.

The emergency brake not only affects the social component of public life, but also refers to the economy. Since in addition to restaurants, leisure facilities, discos and swimming pools, casinos and arcades also have to remain closed, the gambling continues to be scanned by the pandemic effects. Since November 2020, the state -based gambling can no longer receive any guests almost nationwide. There are some special regulations for betting agencies, but normal business processes cannot be practiced for the majority of the industry players. Depending on the development of the pandemic in the various regions, the social and economic ordeal could continue to stand for the national gambling sector.

Nevertheless, the implemented emergency brake in the new infection protection law For many people and businesses, a new mammoth task Means Chancellor Angela Merkel is convinced to take the right way:

“I am very aware that it is hard restrictions that provide the new infection protection law, especially for circles above the incidence: restrictions, closures of shops, cultural and sports facilities, nocturnal starting blocks. We have already managed to reduce the number of infection to a controllable level through consistent action. And we can and will succeed again. “Angela Merkel, Chancellor of USA, The Federal Government press release

Critical voices from the gambling sector

The new infection protection law is expected to come into force only in a few days or weeks. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the restrictive resolutions of the built -in emergency brake Do not provide enthusiasm in the gaming industry will. Even before the resumption of the applicable Lockdown, operators of casinos, experts and associations criticized the restrictive attitude of the federal government.

Above all, “The American Automatism Economy” (DAW) repeatedly communicated her lack of understanding over the status quo. According to the board spokesman Georg Stecker, the current circumstances are Not just jobs endangered, but also the channeling order should not be observed due to the closed casinos and arcades. As a consequence, many people would open Illegal offers fall back and thus inspire the black market. A prophecy that has been part of reality since the state -based offer was closed.