Market enlargement: Merkur takes over Polish sports betting providers!

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Lennart folder 5. April 2019

Who does not know them, the famous radiant sun that can be seen on some slot machines. So far, the answer was likely: the Poles. Because although Mercury is already known in many parts of Europe with its known logo, there are still some areas in which neither Mercury slot machines nor Merkur-Spielbanken or game libraries can be found. At least in Poland, this will change in the future. Because Merkur Sportwetten GmbH is about to take over the Polish betting provider Totolotek S.A.

So it could soon look in Poland. There are still only sports betting, but Mercury automatons will follow. © Gauselmann Group.

Merkur continued on the expansion course

If things go well, it is going. This certainly somewhat hollow phrase currently seems to be fully available, at least for the Gauselmann Group. Because in the past few weeks and months the positive headlines have increased. First the group was under USA’s top employer chosen, then the blow was in a blow New record numbers reported. So it could go worse.

“In Poland, the sports bet is very popular and is particularly part of a successful match for many football fans. The takeover of Totolotek is an important part of our growth strategy to open up the Polish market and thus win another core market in Europe alongside USA, Austria, Denmark and Belgium. ”

But it is even better. Because the subsidiary with the official name Merkur Sportwetten GmbH is about to merge with the renowned sports betting company Totolotek S.A. for the gauselmann group, this means one thing above all: expansion to a market that has not yet been developed. because with the company from warsaw, the group could finally get started with the polish gaming market. so far, poland has not been one of the main markets. in addition to USA and austria, these are currently denmark and belgium, with merkur sportwetten gmbh operating in all countries with another brand name. in USA it is the brand Mixture, in Belgium that Betcenter and Denmark and Austria share Cashpoint.

Mercury with well thought -out sports betting concept

It is not surprising that Merkur Sportwetten GmbH has chosen this Polish sports betting company in order to enter the Polish sports betting market. Totolotek is already Active as a betting provider in Poland for 27 years, a well -known brand and one of the largest betting companies in the country. in addition, the polish betting provider already has a wide infrastructure – both in the digital and in the inpatient area. overall, all of poland can be 260 sales points localizing the company, which has developed all of poland across the board. of course, online betting is also possible via the homepage or the in-house app. merkur sportwetten gmbh is therefore based on the upcoming merger functioning multi-channel network can access and probably further optimize this through your own technologies and tried and tested strategies. The sports betting department of the Gauselmann Group can fall back on its own betting agencies as well as a franchise system for betting agencies, acceptance points and shop-in-shop systems. It is very likely that the Polish betting market will soon shine under the Golden Mercury Sun.

Totolotek from partnership also convinced

With the merger of the American and Polish sports betting company, it will be a new one in Poland Big Player on the sports betting market give. It remains to be seen how and whether the competition can give an answer to corporate merger. At least at Totolotek, however, one is convinced of the upcoming merger.

“We are happy to have won a strong strategic partner with Merkur sports betting and the Gauselmann Group behind it. With his experience and financial strength as well as its innovative products for inpatient business and the online and mobile area, he will help Totolotek to continue growing. ”

However, it is less well known that the Totolotek S.A. to date already in strangers. Merkur Sportwetten GmbH is the Polish sports betting company by the Greek group of companies intralot Take over, which is active worldwide and offers different lucky players.

“We follow the intralot strategy to give up less significant markets and rely on strategic focus markets such as the USA, and we are very happy to have the future well-being and further growth of Totolotek under the roof of the strong Gauselmann Group and its on the European market to be able to ensure concentrated sports betting division Merkur sports betting. In my opinion, this transaction will be useful for all three participants – Gauselmann, Totolotek and intralot. This was a decisive prerequisite for intralot. ”

Overall, despite three participants, the merger should pay off for all three companies. Intralot in particular, in particular, wants to focus on the United States, where Legalization of private sports betting a billion dollar market was created. For Merkur, which of course is also represented in the USA, this was the ideal opportunity to finally drive the expansion planned for a long time on the European sports betting market.