Inclusion in the world of work: MGM Casino Resorts receives award

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Peter Brandt 16. October 2019

In everyday life, people with disabilities often have a hard time and have to master various challenges. In order to prevent equal opportunities and social injustices, inclusion has been on the rise for some time. Both in the education sector and in the world of work, people with handicaps are integrated into everyday social structures. In the course of inclusion, the MGM Resorts gambling group has now been awarded for its entrepreneurial role model function.

Gambling companies are among the pioneers when it comes to inclusion of disabled people into the world of work. ((© image source)

This is how successful inclusion succeeds

MGM Resorts received the award for the best conditions for employees with disabilities from the New Yorker National Disability Organisation (NOD). the us institution recognizes companies in the united states every year, which are particularly committed to people with physical and mental restrictions and draw attention to the advantages of inclusion. the nod awards the award based on various criteria, which are decisive for successful and long -term inclusion. this includes in particular the area Working atmosphere and corporate culture, which lies the decisive foundation for the professional perspectives of disabled people. other factors such as the practices for employees, selection processes, workplace and technology as well as strategy and metrics are also included in the evaluation of the new york national disability organization. in addition to mgm resorts, a total of 59 other us companies were awarded for their exemplary inclusion work. the award ceremony found the annual forum of the nod corporate leadership council Shifting the Talent Paradigm instead of. The award committee in particular emphasized the exemplary employment practices and working conditions of MGM resorts. Tony Gladney, Vice President for Community Engagement at MGM Resorts, felt the award as an honor:

MGM Resorts has a tradition in diverse employment for more than 20 years and we continue to concentrate on what is important for our workforce. When we enter the National Disability Employment Month in October, we reflect on our performance, but also look for ways to raise awareness of the value of our community of disabled people. We are happy and are proud to be recognized with this recognition. ”

Severely disabled people often do not find any work

Although awareness of inclusion in the world of work is getting stronger today, not all possibilities for the social implementation of people with disabilities are not yet exhausted. This is also shown by the statistical evaluations in USA, the one High unemployment rate for severely disabled people prove. according to the federal employment agency, the unemployment rate in the federal republic was 14.6 percent in 2009. the general quota was 10.6 percent. although the positive development on the labor market in the following years had not improved significantly in 2016. while general unemployment fell to less than eight percent, 12.4 percent of people with disabilities were still without earned income. although the goals of the un convention on the rights of disabilities were not partially achieved, the government did not take any necessary measures. of the American Union Association (DGB) criticized the implementation of the UN Convention in a statement:

“In its second action plan to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabilities, the Federal Government names no objectives or suitable measures to reduce the above-average unemployment rate of severely disabled people in perspective.”

At the award ceremony of the NOD in the United States, the actor Danny Woodburn, known from the “Seinfeld” series, also drew attention to the difficult conditions on the labor market for people with disabilities. As deputy chairman of the SAG-Aftra (US union for employees in media professions), Woodburn said that People with disabilities of diversity and inclusion often excluded be. They are still very underrepresented on television and film.

How does inclusion succeed in the job market?

MGM Resorts may do exemplary work in inclusion, but they sit biggest hurdles for an included society in the heads. many people see a less resilient or more powerful worker in disabled workers. this prejudiced way of thinking is also reflected in dealing. people who are not used to with disabled people sometimes feel overwhelmed and change their behavior. this is understandable on one side, but indirectly builds walls. often they see each other faced with drastic situations, to which you cannot react. For example, what to do if a spastically paralyzed colleague or an epileptic cramps? Or what does the correct language look like with a learning disabled? Georg Wartenberg, operator of behinderung.org, explains how the correct way of dealing with disabled people should look:

“Disabled people are people like you and me and want to be treated like this. Therefore, you should always stay natural to them and remember that all manners and courtesy are valid as with non -disabled people. A striking staring at the person is just as wrong as they are on. One should always speak to the disabled and not with your possible companion. ”

Successful inclusion on the job market is possible by education and dealing. If these aspects are guaranteed, even New job profiles be created. For example, special positions can be introduced in craftsmanship with theoretical proportion of people who are disabled people who are only geared towards practical work. The state can support companies with such positions financially and thus promote inclusion.