Identible because of millions of fraud in the baccarat

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Peter Brandt December 13, 2019

The Baccarat dealer Mhing Zhang was sentenced to $ 6 months in prison for its participation in a fraud with the volume of over one million US dollars. The 32-year-old had worked in the MGM National Harbor Casino in Maryland and implemented a large-scale fraud program with a partner. In addition to the prison sentence, Mhing Zhang also has to repay the fraud amount.

A simple fraud system caused a million loss for the MGM hotel chain. (( © Tipkilby/Pixabay.com)

Zhang comes off lightly

The Baccarat dealer Mhinge Zhang was charged with Conspiracy for transport stolen fundsafter he was accused of working with a co -sword to organize a fraud program. On Thursday, the judgment was announced by the district judge from Maryland, Paul W. Grimm.

  • Mhing Zhang worked as a Baccarat dealer in the MGM National Harbor Casino in Maryland
  • He captured over a million US dollars with a co-tissue
  • Zhang has to go to prison for 18 months
  • He also has to pay back the full $ 1,046,560

The 32-year-old Mhing Zhang has to spend 18 months in prison. After leaving detention, Zhang is released under supervision for three years. As part of an agreement, he was guilty of the conspiracy for the transportation of stolen funds in one case in September 2018. The public prosecutor’s office calculated that that MGM National Harbor Casino, in which Zhang worked and carried out the fraud through whose machinations lost $ 1,046,560. He also has to repay this sum.

The former Baccarat dealer still gets it relatively lightly. According to the Associated Press Zhang could have spent up to five years in prison. However, due to the cooperation with the authorities and the confession, the prison sentence is lower.

“The public prosecutor has not announced the name of the event location in which the fraud took place. Research of the Associated Press has shown that it is the MGM National Harbor Casino near Washington, D. C.. ”

Baccarat popular with high scooters

Similar to Black Jack, the hand of the dealer and the hand of the player, which have different point values, are compared to the Baccarat. Each card has a different point value and the players place Betting on which hand is most likely to be nine points, the highest possible score at Baccarat.

With the baccarat it is possible to predict the result of each individual baccarat hand with almost perfect accuracy if you know the order of the cards. The operations then only have to be placed accordingly. Because Baccarat has a relatively low house advantage and does not require great skills of the players, it is Under high scooters, a very popular game has become.

It is similar in other card games that you can get a considerable advantage with the knowledge of the upcoming cards. However, thanks to the low game pace and the high inserts, Baccarat became the target of fraud systems or unauthorized advantage. That this is not necessarily fair game and even illegal, Phil Ivey also had to experience, although he didn’t really cheat.

Phil Ivey has the small differences to the Used the cards of the cards to its advantage. The cards were partially defective or worn out differently, which could distinguish Ivey cards with highs from those with low values. This is also called “Edge Sorting” and of course was a significant advantage over the casino.

In the case of Phil Ivey, the casinos did not leave this on them. The Crockfords Casino in London and the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City went to court and got right. Ivey did not even receive the profits from the Crockfords. In one long -term legal dispute between Ivey and the Borgata the poker professional also emerged as a loser and had to Pay back $ 10.1 million to the Borgata Casino.

“Many players see this as a so -called advantage game, as they also rate the card counting in Black Jack. Others – above all the casinos – consider this to be fraud. ”

Simple fraud program flies up

The system for baccarat fraud in the MGM National Harbor, on the other hand, was relatively simple and required no skills a la phil iber. Zhang informed a co-snack that was still unnamed when he was divided into the Baccarat table as a dealer. The procedure to tell the order of the cards to the co -snack was brilliant. No secret characters were agreed or other sophisticated tricks were used, but The card cover was simply photographed. Zhang has visibly spread a large part of the deck on the table, his co -conspirator took a photo.

As a result, Zhang put the deck uncovered in the card box – also known as “Card Shoe” – in which the cards are kept before distributing. Since the partner of Zhang now the coming Knowing cards, he was able to place large missions, when the open and uncomfortable part of the deck came into play. Zhang initially lied to the investigators about his knowledge and participation in this fraud, which was implemented in 2017. It was only a year later that he stood the allegations.

Between July and September 2017, Zhang was allegedly present in another casino in Maryland to implement the fraud system there too. In allegedly, Zhang even met with a co -snack in a hotel near this second, unnamed casino to learn how to take part in the fraud system. During this meeting Zhang received a first share of over $ 1,000. Later he asked for more money. How much he received is not known. It is still unclear whether he can raise the loss of $ 1 million. Zhang has at least 18 months to think about it.

“About 63 percent of all known fraud cases that take place internationally in establishments of the MGM Resorts are in a casino: the MGM National Harbor. The casino is probably the casino in the United States where the most cheating. ”