Illegal gambling in Vorarlberg

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Peter Brandt 24. May 2021

In the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, the police have succeeded in a blow to illegal gambling. According to the agreed media reports, the officials were able to arrest several suspects in the course of a large -scale mission in Dornbirn. During the same period, the city of Hohenems was dissolved, since several people are said to have violated the applicable corona measures and are said to have met for a party. In total, the police wrote around 276 advertisements on both missions.

As part of the large -scale deployment in Vorarlberg, the police filed a complaint against 276 people. ((©4711018/Pixabay)

Fight against illegal gambling

The illegal gambling has been flourishing since the outbreak of Corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions. Since arcades and casinos also have to keep their gates closed in Austria, a certain part of the player prevents non -regulated offers. As a result, the police must intervene at regular intervals and prevent illegal gaming activities. According to the Austrian media landscape, officials in Vorarlberg moved out in the city of Dornbirn a few days ago and proceeded against the illegal gambling, which was practiced on a former company premises. In advance, the police were given some clues that ultimately encouraged an urgent suspicion.

Dornbirn. The city is located in the north of Vorarlberg and is considered an economic center of the western state. With almost 50,000 inhabitants, the municipality is one of the tenth largest cities in Austria. Since Vorarlberg has been in the headlines a few times due to illegal gambling, Dornbirn also got into the police. In 2019 alone, around 40 controls were carried out on forbidden slot machines. The sports betting market was also carefully examined with 50 controls.

After the police arrived, the situation had initially been brought under control before the officials had accepted the personnel of the people involved. Overall, Finding around 80 people on the area. Some are said to have been caught how they played gambling in a room. From this the police had concluded that against The Austrian Gambling Act is violated. In addition, the suspects would have deliberately ignored the applicable Corona output restrictions. Smaller amounts of prohibited substances are said to have been confiscated in the course of the examinations.

After the officers had illuminated all facets of the mission, they had A total of 76 ads for violations of the COVID-19-measure law, the addictive law and the Security Police Act reimbursed.

Illegal crown-party

During the same period, the Vorarlberg police also had to intervene in the nearby Hohenems. According to media reports, some anonymous tips were received that led the officials to a large-scale Corona party. The illegal celebration took place in a restaurant and showed no protection or security measures. According to the official information from the police, the people involved were between the ages of 17 and 25. The operator of the restaurant was also guilty because she is said to have released alcoholic beverages against payment. According to the first test results the police advertised 200 administrative ads.

High penalties. The Austrian government provides for high punishments in violations of the Covid 19 measure law. For example, private individuals who are entered with a fine of up to 500 $ without the specified requirements or requirements- e.g. wearing a oral and nose protection mask or the test obligation. In the worst case, anyone who violates the applicable initial regulations must expect a fine of up to 1,450 $ .

Corona measures in Austria

In contrast to USA, Austria has the plan to gradually reduce the current restrictions. For that has the government die so -called opening regulation launched. Under certain conditions, this absorbs the initial restrictions. For example, vaccinated people can leave the house around the clock without specifying a corresponding reason. Despite the loosening, however, there is still an increased security level. For this reason, politics continues to insist on the proven security measures.

Farther remains the minimum distance of two meters loyal companion in everyday Austrian life. There are exceptions that come into play at the table in the inn or at events with assigned seats, but in most areas of public life the minimum distance must be observed. In addition, all newly opened areas must create a COVID 19 prevention concept and appoint a COVID 19 representative.

Panel hour & gatherings. Similar to USA, time also plays an important role in the Austrian Corona measures. A general curfew for all companies, events and sports facilities applies around 10 p.m. From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., meetings are only permitted by four people six minor children. During the day, this regulation is relaxed at least outdoors. Here meetings of ten people ten minor children are allowed.