Illegal gambling: DAW comments

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Lennart folder January 20, 2021

Due to the accumulation of the illegal gambling, the “American Automatism Economy” (DAW) has taken a position. Since the renewed Corona Lockdown, the industry has struggled nationwide with a rapid increase in illegal activities. In Berlin in particular, the police are regularly boosting unannounced parties at which non -licensed slot machines are confiscated or illegal poker rounds are dissolved. Georg Stecker, spokesman for the DAW, welcomed the work of the police in an official press release and certified the loss of control of the current situation.

The police in Berlin has their hands full to get the illegal gambling under control. ((©TechLine/Pixabay)

Pokerrunde in infant-bar

Since November 2020, USA has been in a Corona Lockdown again that has many restrictions. Like many other industries, the gambling industry also suffers from these restrictions. Occuptions, casinos and betting shops remain closed until further notice. This falls in the Federal Republic The structured and licensed gaming offer Completely away, which in turn has inspired the illegal offer enormously. In Berlin in particular, the police have been struggling with the illegal gambling for weeks.

As can be seen from a report by the capital police, it is not said to have occurred again on January 10, 2021. In a Tempelhofer shisha bar, the officials loosened An illegal poker round with around 27 people on who sat on poker tables and played cards. In addition, a slot machine with manipulated software was ensured. The alleged players between the ages of 16 and 38 are said to have not only pursued illegal gambling activities, but also violated the Infection Protection Act. Neither the minimum distance is said to have been preserved, nor are the people involved have worn mouth-nose protection.

The umbrella organization for the machine industry “American Automaternwirtschaft” (DAW) has been pursuing the development in the industry since November 2020 an increasing escalation true of the current situation. For this reason, Georg Stecker, spokesman for the DAW, was forced to take a position on the recent events:

“We welcome the use of the Berlin police. For years we have been concerned with concern that the illegal game in the capital is growing – precisely because the legal offer has been massively pushed back here. This shows that the quality of the offer and the operator is important when regulating. Only with a quality -oriented regulation, an improved job access and by strengthening the legal offer can we fight effectively and protect consumers. ”Georg Stecker, Board spokesman for the DAW, Official press release from the DAW

Situation is heading too

The situation around that Illegal gambling in the capital Given the Restrictive Corona measures Always further. Before the Lockdown, Berlin had repeatedly struggled with illegal gambling activities, but since the licensed offer was lost, the situation has completely got out of joint.

In December 2020 alone, the officials had to deploy countless times to dissolve poker rounds or casino parties. On December 5, 2020, the police officers met 20 people in a company building in Charlottenburg who had secretly meeted to play for games of chance. As the “Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg” reported, the security forces got one Approval by the public prosecutor Entry and found the 20 people with several presumably illegal games of chance with cards and play stones.

A similar scenario occurred on January 7, 2021 in Alt-Hohenschönhausen. The police announced that they had found around 35 people in a three-room apartment at night, which apparently organized illegal gambling. The authority then confiscated playing cards and Cash in the five -digit range as well as two slot machines.

Due to the growing emergency, the association “Automaten merchant Berlin and East USA” hears a escalation of the circumstances, similar to the DAW. For this reason, the 1st chairman Thomas Breitkopf demands hard consequences.

“It shows once again that the illegal game in Berlin is now out of control. Youth and player protection and infection protection have been stepped here for years. The answer to this can only be a consistent and hard procedure against illegal providers and a strengthening of the legal machine entrepreneurs. ”Thomas Breitkopf, 1st chairman of the automatic merchants Berlin and East USA e.V., Official press release from the DAW

Warning of the DAW ignored

The current situation of the gaming industry is not surprising for Georg Stecker and the DAW. Already in the run -up to the second Lockdown, the spokesman for the association led the logical consequences if the legal range of gambling in the course of the Corona measures should be omitted. Above all, the focus was on emigration to the black market.

American automatal industry (DAW). As a umbrella organization, the DAW represents the interests of the entire gaming industry – from industry to wholesale to the machine companies. The association acts as a mouthpiece of the branch of the industry compared to the different stakeholders. This includes politics, administration, associations, science and also the media.