Illegal gambling in Düsseldorf

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Peter Brandt 15. August 2023

Around 72,000 $ from a restaurateur from Düsseldorf are confiscated due to illegal gambling. The police of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital had secured the sum as part of a search in May 2020. The officials were used on a possible violation of the infectious protection law applicable at the time.

In the course of a Corona control, the police officers discovered illegal gambling activities in the restaurant in the Friedrichstadt district of Düsseldorf. ((© Jonas Augustin /unsplash.com)

Illegal game of chance during the Lockdown phase

In May 2020 the world was a completely different one. Corona pandemic dominated the world events and caused politics in USA to use restrictive measures that To prevent the virus from spreading. without a suitable vaccine, collective consideration was taken into account, but this was accompanied by cuts in everyday life. during the lock down phases, people were only allowed to maintain social s and do normal things outside their own four walls. at the same time, non-system-relevant localities and shops had to remain temporarily closed. compliance with these requirements was regularly checked by the police – This is also the case in Düsseldorf.

The officials of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital moved out in the Friedrichstadt district in May 2020 due to an anonymous indication. The goal was a café that is probably said to have violated the Infection Protection Act. According to the official report, the police discovered several people in the location, gaming tables, three gaming equipment and a cash amount of 72,000 $ . The money was with Suspected illegal gambling confiscated.

Illegal origin Due to the scenery that offered themselves to the café’s search, they associated the 72,000 $ with illegal gaming activities. Since the origin of money is based on illegal actions, they confiscated the sum. They also did the same with the gaming tables and gaming equipment.

Cafè operator complains to court

The café operator did not agree with the police procedure and the decision to barricade the 72,000 $ in the Association Chamber. According to the police report, he should already be searched for his location Completed loudly about the officials to have.

Business partner As part of the control, the money was not secured by the restaurateur itself, but with one of the men present. As it later turned out, the person was a business partner of the café operator. According to his own statement, he received the 72,000 $ shortly before the police arrived from the restaurateur in order to make any settlement on his behalf.

Both the café owner and his business partner, who runs a betting agency, told the police the same story and advocated that the money did not come from illegal gambling activities. However, the officials gave no faith and attempts to explain the two men and kept the money.

As a result, the café operator tried before the Düsseldorf administrative court His happiness and tried again to clarify that the 72,000 $ do not come from forbidden gambling. Similar to the police, the judges considered the history to be credible and refused to hand over the confiscated sum.

In the recently announced judgment, it is said that the plaintiff do not clearly prove could that the money belongs lawfully to him. The scenery from May 2020 and the entire situation indicate that there is a connection with illegal gambling activities.

Illegal gambling during Corona pandemic

The cause in Friedrichstadt was anything but an individual case as part of the Corona pandemic. Since the lock-down phase and the associated closures of non-system-relevant business also included gambling facilities such as arcades and betting shops, All legal games broke away temporarily away. However, the demand remained and so on were searched for alternatives to play gambling.

Many people discovered the digital gaming market for themselves, others disregarded both the applicable infection protection and gambling law and agreed on illegal gambling meetings. These mostly took place in closed locations or in private apartments.

The police had nationwide at that time All hands full to do And regularly moved out due to a supposed violation of the Corona requirements. In most cases, however, the officials blew illegal gambling meetings and confiscated devices, gaming tables as well as utensils such as jetons and playing cards. Larger cash amounts were often sagged.

Escalation in metropolitan areas Especially in metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, the illegal gambling threatened to temporarily get out of control. In the federal capital in particular, the police were busy checking compliance with the Corona requirements at the behest of information. In most cases, the respective missions were in direct connection with illegal gaming activities. The local gaming industry blamed politics for the situation at the time. In their opinion, the industry players could no longer fulfill the channeling order through the closures.