Hype um Social-Casino-Apps

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Peter Brandt 10. November 2021

Social casinos have been experiencing a hype since Corona pandemic, the tip of which is far from being reached. This emerges from a published report by the marketing company “Liftoff”. In the crisis year 2020, the Pandemic effects had fired the online and mobile gambling game so strongly that the social casino apps together were able to generate a sum of 5.32 billion $ . By 2026, economic output is expected to increase to 6.44 billion $ .

Since more and more people are playing on their smartphone or mobile device, social casino apps have a gigantic target group. ((©SCREEN POST/Unsplash)

Growth thanks to Covid-19

The year 2020 was characterized by the Corona crisis. Exception, restrictions and lockdowns determined the hustle and bustle on the world for a long time. People were forced to take everyday habits and adapt to the new situation. As a result, the status quo in many areas were re -drowned – also in the Business. Many industries suffered enormously from pandemic, but there were also some industry that were benefited from the crisis.

Both the gaming and the gaming industry experienced a hype that has not yet been flattened. Above all, the segment of social casinos Experienced a gigantic inflow. The individual apps enjoyed such great popularity during the pandemic that a total of 5.32 billion $ could be generated according to the report of “Liftoff”.

What are social casinos? Social casinos basically look almost like their “real” counterparts. The big difference is that no real profits are paid out in the “social” variant. Accordingly, users do not have to invest real money in order to have fun with the different casino games. However, there are so-called in-game purchases that enable real money investment on a voluntary basis. The structure and structure of this business model differ from provider to provider.

Twelve million downloads

For his social casino app report, “Liftoff” worked together with the data analysts of “Gamerefinery”. The service provider for mobile apps had one through its expertise and know -how Give an overview of the market eventsandefinedandandefinedcurrent trends show.

According to “lift foff”, are round 239 apps were analyzedthat come together to 1.1 billion clicks and have been downloaded a total of twelve million times. The evaluation showed that, above all, renowned and long -established apps dictate market events in the industry segment. Recent applications that have recently risen to the hype or have not operated on the market for so long, on the other hand, would have much more difficult to gain a foothold. So it would not have done a social casino app that was only published in 2020 among the top 200 of the most used applications.

Qualitative content. According to mobile app experts, it is not particularly surprising that the “old” social casino apps attract significantly more users. Over time, these would have got used to qualitative content on mobile devices. The expectations are correspondingly high, which many newcomers could not (yet) fulfill.

Sales records through in-game purchases

Social casino apps are generally free of charge. They can be downloaded without any remuneration and also gambling Does not need any real money investments. The providers and operators still earn a lot of money about the free apps. Profits are generated through in-game purchases that were made socially acceptable by the gaming industry and are now an integral part of the industry.

The player community can acquire various advantages through the optional in-game purchases. Many apps offer access to various competitions and tournaments through real money payments. Certain game content can also only be unlocked through real money purchases. Full Virtual objects are also trendywho usually have no influence on the game and have a collective character. In general, according to the report, features in particular are very popular, which do not fundamentally influence the main game and do not provide any unfair advantage.

In-game purchases. They are also referred to as “microtransactions” and are extremely critically eyed both in the gaming and gaming industry. Many providers and developers pursue a fair business model and do not allow unfair game advantages due to the optional purchases. Nevertheless, there are also some negative examples that put in-game purchases in a bad light.

The largest proportion of in-game purchases would Players from the United States turn off. In relation to their costs, the operators of the social casino apps were able to make around 26.7 percent profit. In the places behind the places behind, the APAC region ranks with 21.5 percent and the EMEA region with 18.9 percent.

High average age

The report of “Liftoff” shows that demography for the social casino apps is very different from the “real” gambling. The average age in social casinos is significantly higher. Half of all users are older than 45 years. The gender distribution is also balanced. In contrast, in classic online casinos and also on online sports betting, younger men tend to be the main target group.