According to the US study, an increased house advantage in slot machines has no influence on players

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Peter Brandt July 31, 2019

If a slot machine has a twice as high as an identical slot machine, a player would have to notice it and have an impact on his game behavior. A study by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) now shows the opposite and says that players cannot identify different house advantages. According to the scientists, the conclusion from this is that casino operators do not have to be afraid of a loss of regular players if the house advantage is increased. This result has some dangers.

A different house advantage of almost identical machines has little influence on the behavior of players. This proves a new US study. ((© image source)

Maximization of profits in danger

“Impacts of Increased House Advantated on Reel Slots”, in American “Effects of increased house advantages in slot machines” is the title of the interesting Study, whose management held the scientists Anthony Lucas and Katherine Spilde. The key question of the study was: influenced An increase in the house advantage of slot machines in arcades and casinos The behavior of the players. Since the results of the study also have an immediate effect on the profit industries’ profit, the disclosure of the study was eagerly awaited in many places. Anthony Lucas previously described the complexity of the question:

“Ultimately, the operators are responsible for the profit optimization in the slot machine game, which is not an easy task. Knowing which house advantage enables the greatest profit is highly helpful, but the optimization issue gains in complexity if the possibility of discovering the player is brought into play. ”

Behavior of regular players in focus

For the study, the behavior of local regular players at slot machines in slot machine casinos was used. These players were best suited for the survey, since they often play at various machines over a longer period of time and therefore can compare the slot machines with each other. In theory, a slot machine with a significantly low distribution, i.e. a higher house advantage, less attractive to the player as a smaller house advantage and higher profit distributions. according to the researchers, this theoretical assumption is more of a myth in the gambling industry, since there would be no reason that players would switch directly to slot machines that have a lower house advantage. rather, there is the possibility of maximizing profits for industry in the increase in the house advantage. the It is difficult to players, to recognize different -high house advantages and act accordingly.

“Simply put on our results suggest that a higher house advantage produces higher profits, without the risk of damage the brand by” price “identification.”

Identical machines for data collection

The latest data from the study relate to an observation period of several months. In a slot machine casino in a place ahead of Sydney in Australia, the game behavior of guests was evaluated. For the data collection were Twice two identical slot machines set up next to each other and set with different house advantages. the games on the machine couple were “tokoyo rose” and “dragons fortune x”. one machine was set to a relatively small house edge of 7.98 percent. the other slot machine received an almost twice as high house advantage of 14.93 percent. the locations were also identical so that external conditions such as the position of the machine had no influence on the survey. the scientists used two parameters to evaluate the data recorded: on the one hand, the amounts paid up to the individual slot machines and on the other hand Value of the T-Win. for this purpose, a formula is used in which the house advantage is multiplied by the deposits in order to be able to calculate the theoretical long -term value or long -term income of a machine. this experimental set -up should test whether the game behavior of the regular players changes over a nine -month period. so would have A migratory movement of the players, i.e. a lesser play on the machines with the increased house edge, information about whether a change in the house advantage also affects the casino’s profits achieved.

Clear results

At the end of the study, a relatively clear result could be drawn from the data collected: higher deposits could be measured on the slot machines with the lower house advantage. The slot machines with the higher house edge achieved however an average significantly higher T-win. the lower amount of deposits was more than equalized by the higher profit of the machines with the higher house advantage. the scientists could not find a major emigration of the players. the result is likely to like the gambling industry. if you take the study as the basis players cannot recognize a changed house advantage And therefore do not change their game behavior. Casinos could use these results for themselves to maximize their profit. However, players should not calm these results.