Hard Rock Casino uses live slot machines online

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Peter Brandt February 17, 2020

The land-based live slot machine celebrates its premiere at Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. Customers can now use them from home via the online casino. Since online gambling is allowed in the US state of New Jersey, the Hard Rock Casino has also been offering an online casino for a long time. In addition to the online slot games and table games including live dealers such as roulette, Black Jack and Poker, the offer will now be expanded to include the live slot machines. This step is intended to address players who are basically skeptical about online slots.

The Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City was the first casino -based slot machine that can be used by players from home. ©PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay.com)

Process and functionality similar to live dealers

The live slot machines can be used by the customers of the online casino from Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City Play comfortably from the couch in your own living room. The principle behind the live machines is that of the Play tables in the live casinos very similar. While live dealers come into with the customers at the table games and put cards in front of their eyes via live stream or let the roulette ball roll, the Live slot machine via video stream the machine made available to the online players. In real time, customers can play live on the land -based slot machines.

The land-based live slot machines are offered in cooperation with the IT company Softweave Ltd. On the one hand, this should address potential customers who do not have the opportunity to play on site in the actual casino due to a long journey. On the other hand, the players are intended to offer an alternative for slot machines that Programmed online slot games are rather skeptical about. Land -based slot machines are considered a completed system. The programming behind the online slots, on the other hand, is not at all insightful or understandable.

How can the land-based live slot machines be used by the players?”The introduction of land-based live slot machines by the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City has so far been unique. Online casinos exist in abundance. In most of them, classic table games such as roulette, black jack or poker can be played at live tables. Now there are also land-based live machines. To participate in the games or the use of the machines, players must have an account for Hard Rock’s online casino. As soon as money has been paid into the account, the player can virtually sit down on the live machines and the gaming can begin. Since online gambling is legal in the US state of New Jersey, the player also does not have to think about legal consequences. ”

The technology, which was previously only used in the live table games, is now also to be offered at numerous slot machines. The customer will be at the same time Provided the greatest possible security, because the land-based live slot machines are placed in a monitored separate room that are not accessible to the public. Attempts to fraud can also be prevented rigorously. The Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City is the first casino. President Joe Lupo promises great progress, especially when it comes to transparency and customer confidence:

“Credibility and transparency were of the utmost importance to advance online games (…). The difference between seeing a computer image and the type of machine that a customer has played in years may be easier to understand. ”

It remains to be seen what the Hard Rock Casino can come up with next. Perhaps there will also be your own television show in the near future. You could take an example there at the press casino that already In season third beginning.

Online gambling is taking over more and more shares in the overall market

The Vice President, who is responsible for the online gambling at Hard Rock, Kresimi Spajic, expects one better networking and a flowing transition Between the game in the casino itself and the online area of the casino. The live slot machines serve as a advertising platform for the land-based gambling offer on site.

“As far as psychology is concerned, there are land -based players who are afraid to do something online (…). This is helpful to make you online customers. This is a real, physical machine that you can see, almost as if they were sitting in front of it. ”

Likewise, according to his statement, the activation of the live slot machines expand The offer and the number of slots available. The games in the online casino are by no means as numerous as it is in contrast to the slot machines in the casino.