Guidelines for online gambling

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Peter Brandt 4. June 2021

Saxony-Anhalt presented technical guidelines for the impending legalization of the online gambling. The Ministry of the Interior and Sport wants to provide the necessary technical information as part of the new Gaming State Treaty (GlüstV) for future online casinos and online sports betting providers. These refer to the central files, the evaluation system and the test environment.

The new deposit limit of 1,000 $ per month applies to any kind of online casino games. ((© Leuchtturm81/Pixabay)

Preparation for new legal framework

The new Gambling State Treaty From July 1, 2021, heralds a new era on the American gaming market, from which the online segment in particular benefits extremely. In this way, operators of online casinos and online betting offices are given the opportunity to make a American license to strive for certain quality standards. As a result, players can legally access the game offer of state licensed providers. This not only perceives the channeling order, but also the black market contained and the player protection strengthened.

In order to achieve these goals, better enforcement options are granted to the authorities and offices. Among other things, the central blocking file receives an upgrade and the deposit per player is limited to 1,000 $ per month. It is still not entirely clear whether it continues Promotions without a deposit will give. The monitoring of this cross -provider deposit limits takes place using two central files- the limit and activity file. Both are subject to technical systems that have to be set up by the licensed gambling providers by July.

Saxony-Anhalt published the operational process for the technical guidelines in this regard on their own homepage and gave in the Message To protect that the connection to the test environment of the cross -border gambling evaluation system (Lugas) is a mandatory process for all providers. The same applies to the connection to the nationwide blocking file (OASIS), which will fall into the area of responsibility of the new supervisory authority. Until the final legal power of the new Gaming State Treaty, the Ministry of Interior and Sport with the help of a test phase wants to guarantee the necessary setup and commissioning.

Registration for the test phase. As can be seen from the report of the ministry, future gambling providers can now apply for access to the technical guidelines for the central files, the evaluation system and the test environment. The respective operators and companies must fill out an explanation and make an application by email. The Ministry lists exact and further information on its website.

Lugas guidelines

The Lugas guidelines were designed in such a way that the new supervisory authority can analyze all the information in the licensed gaming operator. This is intended to provide the control body with the necessary authority to act, to protect the striking and at risk of addiction. This is also where compliance with the application limits comes into play. The supervisory authority is intended to use the evaluation system to prevent players from exceeding the 1,000 $ a month across providers.

Safe-Server. All information about the player is saved on Safe servers. State licensed providers are obliged by law to enter the respective data. You also have to set up the servers independently. The maintenance area also falls within your area of responsibility.

According to the ministry report, the evaluation system can process and analyze all the information maintained about the players in such a way that compliance with the operational limits is guaranteed. Above all, that comes Collection of the blocking and activity file.

Interaction of the systems

The ministry also explained in the report how the individual system should interlock so that the limit of 1,000 $ cannot be exceeded by any player. So If you use pseudonymsthat are assigned to the respective players. If a gambler registers in an online casino for the first time, the corresponding pseudonym is automatically noted in the central files. In the same breath, the corresponding gaming provider must send a player ID to the nationwide supervisory authority. According to the ministry, this ID must be unique and distinctive.

Gambling authority. The new gaming supervision should be based in Halle. Although the authority will not be able to perform its tasks directly on July 1st, 2021, it will be the most important control body on the American gaming market in the long run. Among other things, she manages the nationwide central files, checks compliance with the license regulations and monitors the regulation of advertising options. In addition, it can keep illegal platforms away from the market by blocking IP.

As soon as a player takes on a player, the Status the allocated player ID in the central files from “inactive” to “active”. The activation is the responsibility of the respective gaming provider. According to the requirements of the new Gaming state contract, this must notify the active participation of the corresponding gambler and set the status to “active”. With this system, it is precisely determined how the current game activities and the general game status are.

As soon as a further registration is made in a second online casinos, this provider must theoretically also set the player ID on “active”. However, thanks to the system, this is not possible, there In parallel play on several platforms, prevented rigoros becomes. Only when the first operator sets the ID back on “inactive” can gaming in another online casino possible.