GTA breaks player record with casino DLC!

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Peter Brandt 14. August 2019

Downloadable content for video games, a so -called DLC, can be found today at many known and successful games. The game extensions are very popular and are well received by gamers. The successful open-world game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has also been using DLCS to give fans access to new missions and areas. Now the youngest GTA DLC even provided a player record. This was mainly responsible for gambling elements from the digital in-game casino.

This is what it looks like, dazzling and with many colorful lights, the Diamond Casino from GTA. ((© image source)

Gambling and social get-together in the online casino

The idea of a casino in the Huge Open World of GTA integration does not seem to be new, even if the local digital casino has only been entered by players since july 23. because the so -called diamond casino, or at least its building, was already seen in the game. on the door, however, a sign with the inscription “open soon” hung. in fact, it took some time before the rockstar games’s online casino actually opened and players could visit the well-known building to test their luck. but what is there to discover in the diamond casino? a whole lot. because in addition to new exciting missions, players also expect typical ones Gambling like roulette or blackjackwill. im gegensatz zu vielen anderen spielern kann in diesem fall sogar von einem echten online-casino gesprochen willwill. denn um am glücksspiel teilnehmen zu können, braucht es sogenannte GTA-Dollar. you can also earn yourself in the game, but there is also the possibility to increase your own play money through real money. note: in order to be able to fill up the online account in gta, cash cards are required, which of course can also be purchased online. these can be bought in values between 2.50 and 75 $ , which corresponds to 100,000 or $ 8 million gta dollars. these can be purchased on portals such as steam, amazon or in the playstation store psn. however, cash cards cannot be purchased in the gta online casino itself! the casino then also serves as a kind of Social meeting point for players from all over the world. Because of course you can not only play in the GTA casino. It is also possible to communicate with other players, to sit down at a gaming table with them and to play together – just as is the case in a conventional casino.

Prohibition of the game and VIP status-GTA-Casino not accessible to everyone

As with a normal casino, it is unfortunately also conceivable in the digital open world of GTA Do not enter casino may. as in real life, one is not politely asked by a security man to find another casino, but the disappointment should be just as great for many people. there are a total of two official reasons, which is why access to the gta online casino can be denied. on the one hand it could be one missing VIP status act. this includes a special player status that can be earned or buy. this only takes $ 1 million. note: you also have access to the online playbench diamond casino in gta if you do not have vip membership. however, you cannot play missions and do not have the opportunity to enter all areas of the building and set up your own penthouse. the fun is therefore limited to a few game elements, but it can be participated in gambling itself. on the other hand, it is also possible that you are in a country in which online gambling or in particular Forbidden the GTA Casino is. 53 countries are currently known in which the new GTA DLC cannot be played with its gambling elements. Here it is simply said: Feature Not Available.

The GTA DLC is prohibited in these countries:

• afghanistan • algeria • american samoa • argentina • azerbaijan • bahamas • bhutan • bosnia and herzegovina • brunei darussalam • china • cuba • greece • indonesia • iran • irak • island • israel • jordan • kaiman islands • cambodia • kuwait • lebanon • libya • luxemburg • maledives • mali • mauritanian • malta • malaysia • north korea • oman • pakistan • paraguay • peru • poland • portugal • qatar • arab sadi • somalia • south africa • südkorea • sudan • syria • taiwan • thailand • czech republic • turkey • tuvalu • united arab emirates • vietnam • venezuela • belarus (belarus) • cyprus

GTA announces player record

Anyone who is not accidentally sitting on the gaming PC or in front of the game console will probably not have come into with one of the most successful games ever. We are talking about Grand Theft Auto, a game that caused a sensation decades ago, although at that time still in a pixelated 2d graphic. a lot has changed since 1997. GTA is now playing online, and of course in a world that basically has no limits. players can move more or less freely, interact with almost all objects in the area and of course also go on a mission with other players. the graphic looks very realistic, the gaming experience almost disappears the difference between fiction and reality, which may also be a reason, which is why the recent gaming expansion called „Diamond Casino & Resort“ is as successful.

Of the Game developer Rockstar Games Even announced that the GTA’s casino and gambling update was the most successful player expansion since GTA Online was playing for the first time in 2013. Rockstar Games did not publish any specific figures, but a player record was spoken As can be read on the news portal Hollywootreport.