Grand National: Boom of sports betting

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Maximilian Deininger 20. April 2023

This year’s Grand National was a complete success and called on numerous betting fans. According to the British gambling supervision “Betting and Gaming Council” (BGC), a total of 13 million British placed various bets on the prestigious event. A certain part of the generated betting income flowed to charitable organizations in Great Britain.

The response of this year’s Grand National has shown how essential the horse race event for the sports betting industry in Great Britain is. ((©Aleks Marinkovic/Unsplash)

Sports betting for a good cause

The Grand National 2023 not only confirmed the boom in the British sports betting industry, but also attracted a lot of attention due to a special initiative. The organizers had already announced in advance, the fixed amount of 250 GBP per registered bet to donate to various charity organizations in Great Britain. The respective people were allowed to decide where the money ultimately flowed.

The charitable sports betting were aimed exclusively to the British parliamentarians. Detached from the outcome of the placed bets, the politicians were able to choose the charitable organization that benefits the money. According to the BGC, the organizers’ initiative collected a five -digit sum for non -profit purposes in this way.

Grand National. The Grand National is the most famous and highly -dot horse obstacle race in the United Kingdom. Betting fans worldwide are looking forward to the event every year, since no comparable event promises such a high profit margin in the area of sports betting.

Politicians showed great interest

The special action of this year’s Grand National called Many British MPs and Minister on the plan to participate in the non -profit initiative through a placed bet. According to the BGC, Alex Davies-Jones, Shadow Minister of Technology, Digital and Gambling, Guy Opperman, Shadow Minister for Labor and Pension, as well as Alok Sharma, President of the UN Climate Conference COP26, took part in the campaign.

From the point of view of Michael Dugher, chairman of the BGC, the non -profit bets were a complete success as part of the Grand National 2023. Not only was a large sum for charitable purposes, but also the British sports betting industry was able to unfortunate events present positively before politics. According to Dugher, the MPs and Minister in Parliament would have to be aware of the importance of the industry for business and society:

“Betting agencies create a large number of jobs and support the battered retail in our city centers. This benefits the local economy. It was great to see how MPs from all political camps visited the bookmakers across the country in order to be part of the charitable action. […] We want the government to recognize and ensure the popularity of the sports betting and its cultural importance in our country. ”Michael Dugher, Chairman of the Betting and Gaming Council, Official press release from the BGC

Entain counts 12.75 million bets

The number of registered bets at Entain illustrates the cultural importance of the sports betting segment and especially the Grand National in the United Kingdom. The renowned gaming group could enormously Benefit from the attraction of the horse race event. In its press release, the company explains how the Grand National once again showed the popularity of the sports betting.

Entain received around 12.75 million betting placements as part of the three -day event. In 2019, the enthusiasm of the betting community was not that big. In particular, the main event on the second day generated enormous interest. The customer base from Entain has solely on the highlight race placed a total of 4.1 million bets. The online segment played a major role. Before the start of the race, 20,000 bets per minute were received on the bookmaker’s platform.

As Dom Grounsell, Vice Manager for Digital at Entain, explains in the press release of the gambling group, the magical end of the highlight race clearly illustrates the cultural and social relevance of the Grand National. The interest of horse fans is Despite regional exceptions still gigantic. It does not matter whether analog is in the betting office or online on the net. Entain wants that Adjust horse racing to modern standards And make him even more exciting for your own customers.

Members of the BGC. The Grand National enjoys a special status at Entain and is heavily advertised by the bookmaker. The situation is similar with the other members of the BGC. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred and Paddy Power-the horse event is a very special event for all of these sports betting providers. Last but not least, this shows the action of the charity betting. As the initiator, the British gambling authority had launched the non -profit campaign with its members in the run -up to this year’s edition of the Grand National.