Google allows gambling apps

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Peter Brandt February 5, 2021

From March 2021, Google will change its guidelines for gambling content, which is played for real money. This allows users of Android devices to download apps with reference to gambling via the Store of the US company. The new program guidelines refer specifically to developers who provide applications with games of chance as well as industry -typical games and competitions. Although Google’s new gambling policy should also apply to USA, consumers in this country have to adapt to some restrictions.

From March 1, 2021, gambling apps can be downloaded via the Play Store. ((©LoboStudioHamburg/Pixabay)

What do the new guidelines say?

The new Google program guidelines should come into force from March 1, 2021 and make apps permitted for gambling. In terms of content, it should be particularly concerned with applications that Play for real money enable. However, the US company is linked to the step of liberalization to certain requirements that app developers from the industry must meet. As can be seen from the official guideline preview, a Go through the application procedure successfully will. At the same time, only developers who operate state or have an official lucky license are permitted. This is intended to ensure that only serious and authorized gambling apps frolic in the Play Store.

However, Google makes its new regulations dependent on the legislation of the respective countries in the final interpretation. Since the legal framework for gambling in every state looks different, it is expected to become one Varier app offer come. As a result, online casino games, lotteries, sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports will not be available everywhere.

Liberalization process. With its newly designed guidelines for gambling content, Google heralds a process of liberalization. In the old provisions, the US group blocked any kind of gambling apps. Exceptions were only the United Kingdom, France and Ireland. Only in these three regions were applications that allow gambling activities for real money to be allowed on Google’s platforms.

Limited permission for USA

According to the current status, consumers from exactly two countries have to expect that they cannot access the complete range of gambling apps. The new guidelines for Canada and USA should only enable limited approval. For the Federal Republic, this means that apart from the existing application and approval request, only certain applications with gambling content on Google’s platforms are allowed. These include Sports betting and lotteries. However, the latter is only permitted with a state operator.

High demands. In view of the Google program guidelines, developers of sports betting and lottery apps must meet high requirements in order to be able to offer their service in accordance with the rules via the platform of the US company. For example, underage users have to be prevented from using the corresponding app. At the same time, the application may not be offered against a fee on Google Play. Everything takes place under the premise that the respective developer has successfully undergone the application process and meets all applicable laws and industry standards.

Become a consequence Online-Casino-Apps in Deutschland not be allowed at first. Providers from this segment cannot therefore operate on the local market, although it is considered the highest sales in Europe.

Waiting for Gaming State Treaty

The applicable restrictions for USA suggest that Google does not provide for unrestricted approval for gambling apps due to the still opaque legal situation. There is still one in the Federal Republic inconsistent legal framework for the industry before. So are Online-Casinos forbidden to the current status. Only in Schleswig-Holstein is licensed providers allowed to legally offer their service.

However, the status quo should be from the July 01, 2021 change. On this day, the new State Treaty should come into force, which was signed by all federal states last year and is currently one Ratification process runs through in the respective parliaments. The contract provides for fundamental changes for the gaming industry and is intended to liberalize the previously restrictive market. Online casinos should also benefit from this, which, according to the new legal framework under certain conditions, may legally operate in USA.

A new era? The new state of gambling should finally put an end to the legal patchwork that has existed for several years and open the market for the industry. The representatives of the individual federal states have agreed on several measures for the implementation. This enables online casinos and sports betting providers nationwide. Among other things, central state licenses are awarded for this. In addition, an overarching supervisory authority should regulate the industry activities and ensure more transparency and player protection.

Whether the new Gaming State Treaty, however, is something in the Change Google gambling guidelines cannot be said with absolute security. From July the local market will follow a structured legal framework, as the US group thinks of dealing with it, it is still unclear at this time.