Google Ads: New rules for online casinos

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Peter Brandt 29. May 2020

Google Ads are an important marketing tool for online casino providers. From summer, however, new rules for gambling advertising on Google apply. Above all, it should be about creating more transparency. This is to be ensured by an identity examination by the responsible advertisers. Google users should also have the opportunity to see who is responsible for an advertisement. However, the new terms and conditions for the use of Google Ads apply to all commercial users and not exclusively for gaming companies such as online casinos.

Google Ads became from AdWords. But not only the name changed, Google is now also adapting its terms and conditions. ((©FirmBee/Pixabay)

Search engine advertising on Google: For online casinos, an elementary advertising tool

Not only since gambling has also made it on the Internet, an effective marketing has been needed to im now highly competitive gaming market to pass. But precisely because more and more gambling providers are pushing the global, European and of course American market, clear rules, limits and consequently also laws about how, where and when Advertising for gamblingwhether it can be broadcast for stationary offers or online casinos.

In the meantime, Google also has the topic of gambling on the screen. This is not surprising, because whether with regard to search engine optimization (SEO) or Search engine advertising (SEA), also for gambling companies on the Internet, especially online casinos, effective online marketing is also important. And here rarely leads a way past Google.

In particular, paid advertisements within the search engine results lists are interesting for online casinos, since these are placed above the “natural” search results as well as on the first page of the results. Especially for search terms with high search volume Google Ads a comparatively cheap optionto lead Google’s potential customers to their own online casino.

What exactly are Google Ads? “Since July 24, 2018, advertisements that are being switched via Google have no longer been called AdWords, but Google Ads. For advertisers, the renaming has not changed much, at least with regard to the functions. With the now planned modification of the general terms and conditions for the use of Google Ads, there are also functional adjustments to advertisers. Above all, Google is about ensuring transparency and security for primarily private Google users, ie consumers. ”

Google Ads can only be used after proof of identity

With the Change of your own terms and conditions for Google Ads However, there is no completely new regulation for users of Google advertisements. A proof of identity has recently been required, i.e. users of Google Ads will have to verify their specified personal information. This is exactly what has been common for some users for a long time.

“This change will make users easier to understand which advertisers are behind the ads that they see on Google and helps them make more sound decisions when they use our advertising.”

It is currently exclusively for Political advertisers in 30 countries around the world mandatoryTo prove your identity, want to switch this advertising on the search engine website. This regulation has been in effect since 2018, now it is being expanded and valid for all companies from A to Z.

As on the official Google blog has been announced, the search engine giant from California aims to “Health of the advertising ecosystem” to optimize. First of all, the new obligation to prove identity should be introduced in the local country in the United States, but this regulation will also be mandatory in all other countries in which Google Ads can be used.

Is there a Google Ads directive especially for gambling companies? “In fact, Google adjusted its own terms and conditions in October last year. Among other things, it has been possible since then to also switch Google Ads for gambling advertisements in many African countries, including Kenya and Nigeria, and there were also some South American countries such as Colombia. However, this is not fundamentally allowed. The condition for the release of Google ads is a officially issued and valid lucky game license. ”