GlüstV: blocking system only from August

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Peter Brandt July 12, 2021

The glowing V came into force on July 1st, but the Oasis blocking system is only available from August. For the reasons for the delay, the Saxon state parliament did not announce in its official announcement. However, it is clear that the new gambling legislation will be an even more difficult challenge for many providers and operators due to the unscheduled deviation. At the current time, the state government in Saxony assumes that the player blocking system will be used from August 2nd.

Hesse assumes that the new gambling legislation will flock more than 40,000 new operations. ((©ThomasWolter/Pixabay)

Glüstv with starting difficulties

July 2021 heralded a new era for the American gaming market. After years of attempts to reform and persistent criticism from politics, business and the European Union, the new state of gambling (GlüStV) should equip the local industry with contemporary regulations. For this purpose, the Prime Minister of the federal states had agreed on several measures that liberalize the national gambling market, but at the same time also control and regulate. One of these measures is the Oasis player locking system, which is supposed to protect striking and endangered players.

As originally intended, Oasis should be available to the arcades and online casinos with the entry into force of the new GlüstV. Yet again Saxon state parliament Recently announced, the player blocking system, which is much discussed in advance, will delay itself until August. Despite this shift, arcade operators and Online provider adhere to certain deadlines regarding the blocking system. The Saxon state parliament indicated that all licensed providers of gambling Provide registration for the blocking file by July 30th have to. In the message, there is talk of a suitable form, which is meant exactly by this, the letter left open.

However, the deadline does not apply to all providers. Only gambling operators who have only had a state concession since the beginning of July are affected. All other industry players would have already been guaranteed. Because of the individual circumstances the legislation assure individual processing.

Warning ignored? The postponement of the player locking system is not surprising for some politicians and industry experts. They had already warned of any complications in advance. The construction of the necessary digital infrastructure and the provision of all player data would require a long lead time. The delay of OASIS would prove accordingly that the legalization of online gambling in USA was rebuilt.

Is the number of gaming sites increasing?

The Darmstadt regional council is permitted for the player blocking system according to the statutes of the Gaming State Treaty. The last month pointed out that Oasis still had to go through the optimization phase before it was finally used. At the same time the authority gave the all -clear and assured that the first Test runs showed no negative abnormalities would have. So far, both the functionality and user friendliness have been satisfactory.

A calculation of the Hessian state government illustrates the change of the glowing for the national gambling industry. Due to the nationwide liberalization, this assumes that a total of 5,000 new gaming organizers will push on the market over time. still However, the federal state expects more in -depth in the area of the business premises. Here you expect up to 40,000 new registrations.

Oasis with a minimum term. No matter whether new or established gambling providers – the regulations related to the player locking system apply equally to all organizers. As soon as Oasis is operational, a new minimum term of one year is used for unlimited blocks. By definition, an indefinite lock automatically applies if the end of the game does not indicate the duration.

Gambling supervision also with a delay

Even if the new gambling legislation is already legally binding, the industry still has to get some stones rolling before all the measures they have been implemented are implemented. Because in addition to the shift of the player locking system The overarching gambling supervision also waits for their instruction. This is supposed to obtain your quarters in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt and act as a nationwide control body. Information about the player community, which is collected via Oasis, should collect in the authority.

Beginning. Even if gambling supervision is not yet ready for use, preparations in Halle are in full swing. According to reports of local media, the first employees of the new authorities had already received their office space in the Hansering. Previously, the city administration was located here. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff emphasized in this regard that despite the temporal shifts, one was on the right track. It is planned to hire other employees for the fields of gambling supervision. According to the previous planning status, around 110 new jobs are planned. Two free items for the board would also be available.