Gambling advertising: punishment for Google

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Peter Brandt 10. August 2023

Google has to pay a fine of 750,000 $ in USA due to forbidden advertisements for gambling. The National Supervisory Authority for Communication (AGCOM) has asked Alphabet, the parent company of Google, to pay the sum within seven days.

In USA, advertising activities for gambling content have been severely restricted since 2018. ((©greg hristov/Pixabay.coat)

Advertisements on YouTube

As AGCOM announced, the forbidden advertisements for gambling were not connected directly on Google, but go back on YouTube. however, since the video platform has been part of the us company since 2006, the punishment is based on google and the parent company alphabet. the fine imposed is the first of this kind for in USA. to date, the video platform in the area of gambling advertising has not been debt. it is not known whether the subsidiary of google willingly disregarded the advertising ban that has been in force since 2018, but the number of violations is remarkable. according to the agcom, A total of 625 banned advertisements with gaming reference registered. Specifically, it is about a violation of Article 9 of the applicable gambling legislation.

Article 9 In the corresponding paragraph of the legal framework, it states that every form of advertising for games and money bets in sport, culture or other areas is prohibited – even if it takes place indirectly. The aim of restriction on gambling advertising aims to protect people in USA from gambling addiction.

Request for deletion

Google must now ensure that the remnants of the approximately 625 gambling ads on YouTube, which were registered by AGCOM, be completely deleted. the supervisory authority grants the group a period of seven days. if the deletion does not take place within the set period, the us company threatens further sanctions. although in USA has not become noticeable in the past in the area of gambling advertising, the video platform would have from the experiences of the parent company their teachings can draw. google was warned by agcom in 2020 for illegal gambling ads and even had to pay a penalty. in contrast to the current scope of the sentence, however, the fine was relatively small. according to the agreed media reports, a total of 100,000 $ were in the room, which, however, due to a successful revision was not legally binding. Accordingly, Google literally got away with a blue eye. However, whether YouTube also succeeds in this “feat”. The sheer number of prohibited gambling ads makes a successful revision procedure rather unlikely.

Judgment In the then revision trial, the judges followed the reasoning of Google, which built up that the group was not directly responsible for the violations of the law.

Gambling advertising: Provisions of Google

Advertising measures with gambling content are clearly defined and regulated by Google on all platforms that are part of the group. On his support page Does the US company indicate Responsible advertising for gambling to support, however, to adhere to the local and regional -specific laws. the same applies to quality standards in the industry. gambling ads are permitted accordingly if you meet the guidelines imposed by google. in this way, the respective advertising measures must be geared towards the approved country, may Under no circumstances to minors And must refer to a licensed provider that provides transparent information on dealing with responsible gambling.

Violation of the guidelines Gambling ads are not switched by Google, YouTube or other platforms that belong to the group. Rather, there are any actors from the gambling industry behind the advertising measures that use the respective platforms to acquire customers and generate range. Accordingly, you are obliged to adhere to Google’s guidelines for gambling advertising. However, the system set up seems to be holy, otherwise AGCOM would not have registered the 625 violations.

In its guidelines, Google differentiates between Advertising for the analog and digital gambling. Advertisements are permitted for inpatient gaming activities in which a legal framework for real money is played – e.g. in the Casinos von Atlantic City. In contrast, advertising for online gambling is regulated significantly more strictly by Google. Interested companies need a separate certificationthat is issued by the us group to advertise for your offer. just like in the offline sector, advertisements for online gambling are allowed that are about real money-such as online casinos, digital bookmakers or games with a virtual currency. since the regional reference plays an important role, google specifies the country -specific restrictions in detail for all countries in which The gambling is official legal. In this way, the advertisers have an overview of the extent to which they can switch on.