Gambling advertising in La Liga is restricted

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Maximilian Deininger July 27, 2020

After a drastic restriction of gambling advertising in football had been decided in Spain, the first group ended its sponsorship. Specifically, it is the cooperation between the Spanish first division club Ca Osasuna and the Spanish gaming company Kirolbet. It is generally assumed that the one -sided termination of the sponsorship contract could only be a direct reaction of the group to the recently decided new regulation for gambling advertising in sports, especially in top football. A total of over 40 clubs could now run the risk of losing their main sponsor.

For football fans, at least there should hardly be a difference whether or not logos of sports betting providers can be seen on the jerseys of their team. ((©damonify/Pixabay)

Sponsoring by gaming companies increasingly unattractive

Not only in Spain, but also in USA, France, USA and especially England, gambling and sports betting providers are in high demand among the country’s first and second division clubs. This is primarily due to the From club perspective lucrative sponsoring dealsthat were completed with many corporations from the Gambling industry.

But after measures were already taken in Great Britain to To reduce the influence of the gambling industry on top sport And then numerous Premier League clubs lost their sponsorIt seems that the Spanish clubs from La Liga soon threaten a similar fate.

New regulations for gambling advertising in football. Just about a week ago, the Spanish legislature decided to new regulations for marketing activities in the gambling segment. After initially only promotions such as deposit bonuses should be prohibited, it is said that the government also focuses on sports sponsorship. In the future, Spanish football clubs should generally be prohibited to enter into sponsorship partnerships with gaming companies. After the English Premier League, Spain or La Liga is the next football nation in which politics with restrictive measures tries to prevent the influence of gambling groups on sport.

If the new regulation for gambling advertising in Spain actually extends to sports or football sponsorship, it should be complete End of the advertising activities of gambling companies in Spanish football mean. Because according to the current state of affairs 41 out of a total of 42 La-league clubs (First and second league included) affected by the new regulation.

The recently published report proves that Kirolbet, a Spanish gaming company, plan to end the successful partnership with the CA Osasuna first division club for two years. According to reports from the Spanish Marca, the gaming company sees No more added value for sponsoring activities in Spanish football, should the new regulations actually expand to top Spanish football.

Happy gambling in football can hardly be possible

Gambling advertising in general has been in the focus of criticism for a long time within Spanish politics. The public statements and plans for more restrictive regulations have been increasing since November last year. Some surprised that it should now go to Spanish La-League football.

However, it is not yet clear that any law can be enforced at all. Namely Missing the okay of the EU Commissionwhich the draft law is currently available for examination. However, if the supranational authority does not have any objections and approves the draft, it is highly likely to assume that there will be no gambling sponsors in La Liga from the new season.

Despite the political conviction of having chosen the right step, critical tones are increasingly loud. Because in other countries it has often been shown what the consequences could be if there is too strictly against gambling.

Industry representatives such as Aurora Merino von Asensi Technologies This is why warn of a rapid increase in illegal gaming offers. In addition, the clubs would escape enormous income, in particular the renaming stadiums brings millions of millions annually.

The central innovations of the planned gambling advertising guideline

  • In principle, any forms of bonus offers, such as deposit bonuses, should be prohibited for both new customers and existing customers. Football clubs would not be directly affected, but gambling companies were all the more affected.
  • Direct advertising for gambling should only be allowed in public media such as TV, radio or internet between 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so outside of the ordinary seasons of La Liga.
  • All gambling advertising through sponsorship, i.e. logos, lettering or the like on jerseys, training suits, etc., should generally be prohibited.
  • The renaming of stadiums, club centers or similar sports facilities in the name of gaming companies should not be permitted.