Gambling State Treaty signed!

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Peter Brandt 6. November 2020

After years of dispute and disagreement, it has finally worked: The third state agreement was signed by the 16 federal states. Although all 16 prime ministers of the American federal states signed their signature on their annual conference on their annual conference under the third copy of the American Gambling State Treaty, the new regulations for the local gambling market will only come into force on July 1, 2021. For the American Automato (DAW), the signing is a milestone after years of political and legal disputes. The Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) also welcomes the state. For the time being, however, the focus is now on the establishment of the new gambling authority, which is intended to exercise its skills across USA across USA.

Finally there is agreement between the American federal states. The third state agreement was signed by all 16 countries. ((© Ptra/Pixabay)

DAW overjoyed and with a positive look into the future

So at the end of October it was finally time. After the first details about the Content of the new, third American Gambling State Treaty Legal certainty has now also been made. At the annual conference on October 29 All 16 federal states signed the Gaming State Treaty, which can therefore legitimately come into force in summer next year.

The Umbrella organization American automatic economy, who has been able to significantly fought in USA in USA, a nationwide uniform regulation of gambling and, above all, the slot machine game.

Georg Stecker, currently DAW board spokesmanin a statement it turned out that he was, above all, pleased that in the future too Criteria such as quality or youth and player protection should be taken into account in the regulation of commercial slot machines.

“We welcome that quality criteria are used for the first time when regulating the commercial machine game. Now it depends on the fact that the countries rely on the quality of arcades when implementing the contract, both when it comes to multiple concessions and at the minimum distances. ”Georg Stecker, Board spokesman umbrella organization The American Automatism industry, Press release of the American Automatic economy for signing the Gaming State Treaty

Federal states are responsible from now on

At least on the sheet of paper, a big step has now been taken forward for a uniform regulation of the American gambling. But it is not too far until July 2021, especially since the current situation through the Corona pandemic binds many state resources. Nevertheless, plug now sees the federal and state governments Implementation of the resolutions and regulations of the Gaming State Treaty to put it into practice.

“Politics and administration are recognized for the compromise found after years of intensive political negotiations, which for the first time regulates the entire American gaming market.”Georg Stecker, Board spokesman umbrella organization The American Automatism industry, Press release of the American Automatic economy for signing the Gaming State Treaty

The first and most important step will Establishment of the new gaming authority be, which will be responsible for the fact that all requirements of the third state agreement are implemented and complied with throughout the American federal territory. The gaming authority in Saxony-Anhalt is to be located, but its skills and areas of action are planned across the country, since it is a federal authority.

This now also institutional security is also welcomed by the 16 societies of the American Lotto and Totoblock, which also includes a signing of the contract Strengthening and securing the lottery monopoly in USA want to see.

“In the new regulation, we see a further confirmation of the common good-oriented lottery monopoly in USA and expect the illegal market to be pushed back, especially in the online area, through regulation. Thereby (the gaming authority, note) is even stronger and better coordinated control of the market participants in the sense of player and youth protection. In addition, the strict action against providers who do not adhere to the state requirements will also be easier. ”Jürgen Häfner, Managing Director of the DLTB, Press release of the American Lotto and Totoblock to sign the Gaming State Treaty